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PLT files - Packed Layer Textures - offer support for multiple layers and are used for tintable armor parts for player character. They can be interpreted as 10 grayscale textures, which can then be tinted separately.


Some PLT tools:

PLT Files Basics

You basically have a standard TGA-like image, but with a number of "layers" - these layers don't really overlap they merely represent which colour option affects which pixel.

The easiest way to edit them is likely the GIMP plugin where the layers for each colour selection can be generated, and thus cutout portions of which part of the image should be tied to which layer can be done.

File Format Information

PLTs are binary files consisting of a 24 byte header and an image data block. The image data consist of 2 bytes per pixel, each representing a (color, layer) tuple.

Example File


0"PLT "50 4C 54 20File type


4"V1  "56 31 20 20Version
0A 00 00 00Unused
00 00 00 00Unused
166440 00 00 00Width
2012880 00 00 00Height
24(255, 1)FF 01Pixel 0


26(120, 9)

78 09

Pixel 1

. . .
16404(255, 2)FF 02Pixel 8191

Valid layer Ids



2Metal 1
3Metal 2
4Cloth 1
5Cloth 2
6Leather 1
7Leather 2
8Tattoo 1
9Tattoo 2

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