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Fonts in NWN:EE have two main uses:

  • Main GUI fonts - these can be replaced to replace the in-game text usage
  • PostString - the usage here may include images and other "not really font" things (it's just a texture after-all) that PostString can display - you can define a custom font to use with the function and don't need to replace anything.

NWN:EE TrueType Fonts

NWN:EE 8193.21 and onwards (and on Android/iOS), the fonts (apart from PostString / debug console) are loaded from TTF file - TrueType Font. These are used to scale the in game fonts in a much more crisp way.

As of the above version the fonts also scale correctly in values such as 1.3x or 2.7x size rendering correctly up and down.

They also use anti-aliasing which makes them look a bit better on higher resolutions.

  • Main menu / Character Sheet Stats / Journal / Feat and Spell descriptions / Examine screen - fnt_maintext.ttf
  • Everything else - Conversations, Text Panel, Character Sheet info panel
    • High resolution Font option ON (serif font) - fnt_default_hr.ttf
    • High resolution Font option OFF (sans serif font) - font_default.ttf

The font tnr.tff seems to be included in the game files but is unused.

As of 8193.26 adding a different version of fnt_default.ttf and fnt_default_hr.ttf to a hak will work client size.  However,  these fonts need testing to see if it will work with nwsync manifest correctly since they load at game launch, meaning only those in /ovr, /override or /development will activate correctly. To override simply use the same font name as for the thing you want to replace:

The main text font, fnt_maintext.ttf, is the only one that cannot be put in a hak.  This can only be changed in a local client such as using the Override directory in your Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder. 

True Type Font Files

These are a list of the default game True Type fonts as of patch 8193.26. The file formats appear to be OpenType Layout with TrueType Outlines.

You can toggle the font type using the  "High Resolution Font" game option.

TXI files for the default fonts were added to allow you to manipulate the opaqueness, brightness and outline of TTF fonts.  Three new TXI settings were added to allow this: ttfContrast; ttfOutlineOpacity; and ttfOutlineBrightnes. Also the setting spacingR can help pad them.  See the files themselves for details on the values.

In previous versions of EE where TTF's were available they used their original names but these were changed to the names in 8193.26 to make them clearer.  Further confusing things, some beta patches changed bitter_reg.ttf to to the name brawler_reg.ttf to be consistent with the earlier name used for high res but it was still Bitter.

TTF fonts cannot be exported in NWNEXplorer but they can be found in your Neverwinter Nights\ovr .  This is found in the actual game folder, not your Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder.

Font File NameNameFontIn GameDescription and Notes




previous file names:



check your version

"High Resolution" font (if the "High Resolution Font" game option is ticked), realistically "serif font" toggle - this is a serif font.

Text font for conversations, the PC's text panels and text input, bottom part of the Character Sheet, Chooser/Creator menus.



Merriweather Sans Regular

previous file name:


"Low resolution" font (if the "High Resolution Font" game option is unticked), realistically a "serif font" toggle - this is sans serif.

Classic NWN style and used for conversations, the PC's text panels and text input, bottom part of the Character Sheet, Chooser/Creator menus.



Mordred Bold

previous file name:


"Neverwinter" font, ie things like the Main Menu, Journal, Character Sheet, Feat and Spell descriptions, and the Examine panel.

Times New Roman not sure where it is used in game.

Old font not used in the game anymore. Replaced by Bitter since it used to be the "High Resolution Font" in preview.

1.69, Earlier NWN:EE and PostString

Fonts are loaded from TGA/DDS and TXI files. TGA/DDS shows the actual text while TXI is used to decide which character is at which position. PostString uses this method regardless (allowing, for instance, images to be loaded since the "font file" is just a big texture). However one note is PostString now scales as of version 8193.21.

Texture File

Always a good idea to use a TGA file for fonts for maximum readability. Since DDS is loaded first by the game, you would have to use a DDS file to replace some of the below fonts if a DDS of it is present.

TXI file

The order is in ASCII order with the coordinate value of each ASCII character.

Font Maker

This should still work for NWN:EE pre-8193.21:

Noting this comment:

Note that by default this will actually only make 1/3 of the files for a complete font.

  • fnt_dialog16x16.tga
  • fnt_dialog16x16.txi

The Good news is you can copy the files and rename them, for a full font set.

  • fnt_dialog16x16.tga
  • fnt_dialog16x16.txi
  • fnt_dialog_big16.tga
  • fnt_dialog_big16.txi
  • fnt_galahad14.tga
  • fnt_galahad14.txi

Default Game Fonts

Font Texture File NameFont TXI File NameDescription and Usage

Picture (Black or Green == Transparency)

Click to increase in size. in chat

fnt_console.tgafnt_console.txiConsole ( ` key) and default PostString font

fnt_dialog.tgafnt_dialog.txiUnused by the game.


Default/"large" conversation font.

fnt_dialog16x16.tgafnt_dialog16x16.txi"Small" dialog font

fnt_dialog32x32.txiMay not actually be used in the game since can't find TGA file


fnt_dbcs.txiPresumably for foreign languages - although not the default NWN game.

fnt_floaty_smal.tgafnt_floaty_smal.txiFloating numbers

fnt_galahad14.ddsfnt_galahad14.txiMain menu stuff. "Neverwinter Nights" font.

May not actually be used in the game since can't find TXI file

fnt_helvetica.txiMay not actually be used in the game since can't find TGA file

fnt_stonehenge.txiMay not actually be used in the game since can't find TGA file

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