Beamdog released their HD Pack;

Community fixes:

News item:

What is the HD Pack and what does it include?

The Beamdog HD Pack is a large amount of upgraded HD models for most Neverwinter Nights base player/NPC appearances, and several weapons. The pack includes upgraded high quality textures and models for Human/Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc, Gnome and Hafling models. With community fixes this also includes suitable Horse versions.

These are overrides - they replace the base game models - and do not typically include additional models.

Improvements the community has made:

The pack has got some known issues:

Installation and Usage

The Beamdog HD pack as updated by the community will be in 2 flavours for players:

For builders there are 3 zips:

Main Changelog





Project Contributors

The community effort to make alterations and fixes to the HD pack, and potentially expand it, are:


Maintenance of Vault download page

Bug fixes for models

JasperreCoordinator/Compiler/bug monkey

Model compilation

Bug fixes for models


Horse generated phenotypes

Generation of source zip for builders

Generation of compiled zip for builders

Generation of patch hakpacks for users and instructions for use


Tattoo 1 affecting eye colour on heads

Bug fixes for models


Adjustments to sizes of parts / fitting them better to models

Shadow node generation

Face adjustments

Phenotype 2 generation from Phenotype 0 to solve several issues


Bug fixes for models

MigailTexture editorBug fixes for models


Fixes for heads (removing necks)


There is an assessment of the contents of the HD pack here: HD Pack Contents Assessment. This includes what models and texture files were removed since they were unused.

Main things included are:

Things Not Replaced

Most models were upgraded, but some were not but probably should have been. Model names may just be examples - Phenotype 2 (fat) is likely the same.

Fixable or Ignorable

These have some kind of equivalent - usually other heads/parts - that can be copied over (moving this slowly to HD Pack Contents Assessment)

Not Immediately Fixable (needs new models)



Things in the other releases from Beamdog

Aribeth HD creature model (did not include "evil" version)

Hall of Justice HD

Any others?

2da Changes

There are some minor changes to appearance.2da, parts_hand.2da, parts_neck.2da and cloakmodel.2da. While parts_shin.2da is also included it appears to be identical.

2da fileChangesNotes
appearance.2daLine 3, Halfling. Change WEAPONSCALE from 0.8 to 0.75Presumably makes weapons fit the hands better
cloakmodel.2daAdds no new cloaks but changes the naming so the cloak models are separate

Presumably would help future modding of such models even if they're functionally identical

However might clean up and remove the redundant ones - saving on space and duplicate models

parts_hand.2daAdds lines 10 through 145 Additional hand models
parts_neck.2daAdds line 7 and 992 Additional neck models, although it looks like they're identical to the default neck? Need to check properly and triple check no special necks are included on particular races or genders.
parts_shin.2daNo changesNo changes

Potential Improvements

Model changes:

For  compatibility:

For builders:

Mobile Testing

It somewhat works - further investigation needed:

Fixable Bugs

Some areas that need checking out:

Some of these may be toolset only not present in game. Some may be in game too though.

Model/Texture FileNameScreenshotIssueFixed by
pFA0_NECK001Female, Hafling, Neck 01

Dark texture?

Looks to be ambient 0 0 0 on MDL so relatively easy to fix.


Female, Hafling, Torso 02

(may also affect some other female torsos)

The Torso body has a warped model (may be a simple fix) easier to see in the toolset if you toggle between them

(tbh having the same model as 001 but the texture reference be different may be enough?)

Update: chest001 fits better to the rest of the body. Most notable is the neck seam with chest002. Both use the same UVs. Therefore, swapping in chest001 and changing the texture, as already suggested, is advised. 


Changed chest002:


Horse phenotypes (4, 6 etc.)Human, Mounted on Horse, Normal/Large Phenotype Size

This is basic leather armor on a horse, stuff is all over the place.


Phenotype issues most likely. Need to check what nodes are set in the original files...

Jasperre: Looks like a bug with phenotypes, the inheretance just doesn't like skinmesh since all the original models are trimesh (and otherwise very similar) so the models for pXY0 and pXY2 need copying to respectively pXY3/pXY6 and pXY5/pXY8 and model ref names renamed in the MDL file

WHAT A FAFF! Will report on nwn-issues sometime.

Bug reported:


With help from Draygoth and Jasperre. 

Fixed for all races+genders

pMO0_CHEST001 and 002Half Orc Torso

With and without the tattoo is affected, texture is not centred. Toolset only.

Further info 18th December 2021:

  • This is caused since the toolset will load only the human version ("h") of the PLT texture for some reason (assumptions probably - only human PLTs are there in the base game files and models just reuse them but the HD pack contains unique ones), the game properly loads the bitmap field correctly however.
  • Therefore it is not fixable and marked as "known issue"

Bug reported:

Fine in game can't fix in toolset
pMH0_HEAD038Human head

messed up texture

Head 038 is the same as head 155, which appears to be post-HotU patch content (premium module stuff). 155 itself was a copy of head 016 with an older looking texture. Therefore to be honest removing this head wouldn't hurt if the texture is lost/unusable.

Note this head also has no MTR file (thus no normals etc.) so it's probably just worth removing it.

Will remove from final pack along with a few other oddities
pFE0_NECK001 / 002Elf Female Neck OR potentially body pieces

Large texture gaps before it hits the torso. Example Darkstar poor gap!

Not sure if neck needs fixing or the torso piece does.

pFE0_FOOTL001 / FOOTR001Elf female feet

Odd dark areas of textures on the feet

(may be just shadows? need to check when knocked down)

All secondary feet, eg: pFE0_FOOTL002/ FOOTR002any feet models, eg: Elf female feet 002

Now this is not even be in the pack but it's just funny how the texture is so warped! (big grin)

Note the 002 feet need adding basically as a copy of 001 with the ASCII model reference changed inside the file

Since you can't select it at Chargen this is low priority to fix

Most parts Half Orc Female


Half Orc Female body/arms/thighs/pelvis

First is non-tattoo 001 and next is 002 tattoo ones

Texture issues. Tattoo in game is missing on thighs entirely oddly

Ignore the toolset issues and focus on the odd texturing in-game.

The toolset issues appear to stem from the toolset still loading the "human, male/female" instead of the race-specific one, since the game this was fixed but the toolset wasn't thus the weird issues (less so on clothing since either it works with them properly or it isn't as drastic a difference in texture).

Need to review the tattoos on each race fully

wswss_t_021 - 024Shortsword piece, top, 2

Upside down



pFE0_PELVIS001Elf, Female Pelvis, 01

pmh0_robe004.mdlHuman, male, the Cleric robe

Misaligned? This is character select.

The issue is only for human male (normal pheno)



pmh0_chest005.mdlJester's Outfit

Jester's Outfit hides any chest tattoos.

NB: Need to check if the original game showed tattoos since I don't think it ever did - Jasperre

Wont fix, same as base game


Robe 003

(shows the same in-game, not just in Toolset)

Chest, shoulders, arms have black material clipping through the surface of the robe



pmh0_robe006.mdlRobe 006

Ingame and toolset.

Discolorization center-piece with light brown.

Works for females, all male versions bugged, dwarf, human, elf, halfling etc





Shin 010 both left & right

Ingame and toolset, disfigured color, PLT issue that needs correcting. Same as Robe 006, need to change skin PLT to cloth 1 or 2.




Appears to be Robe 006

Female, Gnome, Fat, pieces are 006

Is robe 004 in the toolset due to 2da ordering

Stretchy boi!

Not sure how to fix this one it at least loads



Added node info from pfg0_robe006.mdl

pfh2_head028 MDL missing apparentlyHuman, Female, Fat, Head 28

Orc female head available to the Human/Half-Orcs

The problem is the file pfh2_head028.mdl is missing - this presumably is the old head loading something unnaturally? Needs further investigation.

Also note pfh0_head028.mdl is also missing but the game hasn't got a pfh0_head028.mdl! so...well Beamdog didn't really do anything wrong!

Possible "fix" is to recreate pfh0_head028.mdl from the Orc, Female, Normal and pfh2_head028.mdl from the Orc, Female, Fat ones.

Various models (eg; pmh0_head038.mdl)Human Head 38

Normal file referenced: M_pmh0_head038

Doesn't exist, and no normal DDS file exists (would be for instance called pmh0_head038_N)

Missing Normals

Some may be fixable, like how the Human Head "helmets" all have normals, and we could point the MDL at them easily enough without even needing duplication.

Others may need to be created to be to the same standard as other files.

Needs a list creating of the files missing normals

TBH not worth the hassle, remove these "bonus heads" where they don't match an original model

Halfling, Female, Chest 17

Doesn't appear to load in the game?

Checked - is set to "render 0"



Changed render 0 to render 1

pfe0_robe30-33Robe 30-33 for Elf female, messed up texture.

This only occurs for female Elf for these robe parts, unclear how to fix as the plt does not look wrong and it might be within the model itself.

Update: This seems to be an issue with the UV maps on these robe meshes. They contain two parts (pfe0_robeXYZg and pfe0_robeXYZp) whose UVs need to be scaled down by 50% on the x-axis. The UVs of pfe0_robeXYZp must be moved by minus 0.25 on the x-axis and of pfe0_robeXYZg by 0.25.



Changed UVs for robes 30-33:

Head modelsAll

Head models have additional verts defining parts of a neck, which break the HD and normal models in weird ways.

Victorixxx may be providing fixes for these.

pfh0_robe004.mdl (and other  female robe004.mdl)Robe 004

Normal file looks wonky - going across the dress rather than down it causing weird shadow issues.

TBH all the robes need a serious looking at and checking out in detail since they contain a mix of parts (for shadows? but they're weird) nodes and other things that seem to overcomplicate it.

Phenotype 2 bone arms
to followQuick note the bone arms do need redoing, and they need either slight repositioning or some work on the sizing since they have a gap on phenotype 2 (and almost do on phenotype 0)
Phenotype 2 female cloakspfd2_cloak_014.mdl

wiiiiddeee. This is seriously so much larger than they need to be due to our tuned down phenotype 2.

Seems to be the only solo unique cloak, but a few others are trending to large too.

_robe038.mdl various

The apron straps regularly clips through the armor at the top on the shoulders. Doesn't occur on all of them however, but is a mix of male and female ones.

I'd have assumed rescaling from the human models was to blame but the male ones also have issues...weird eh?

pme0_robe038.mdl looks very wacky and off too...

TBH the robes in general need a once over.

Known Bugs May Not Be Fixed

Model/Texture FileNameScreenshotIssue
Icon filesInventory Icons for Weapons

Inventory icons are not sized to the original game values, which means since the toolset is uber-dumb it gets cropped not resized.

This is the sort of thing that improves quality in game but not in the toolset so better leaving it as higher quality for the game and just removing those files/adding smaller ones to /development if you are working on content.