There are a number of textures the game will load which can be overriden in a client-side hakpack.

Some possible uses of this:

List of Textures

This is a list of texture files that the game uses in different GUIs.

Texture FilenameDimensionsUsed in GUIDescription/notes
inv_slot_amulet.tga32 x 64Empty Slot - Amulet
inv_slot_armor.tga64 x 128Empty Slot - ArmorActual display size more like 64 x 100
inv_slot_arrow.tga32 x 64Empty Slot - Arrows
inv_slot_belt.tga64 x 32Empty Slot - Belt
inv_slot_bolts.tga32 x 64Empty Slot - Bolts
inv_slot_boots.tga64 x 64Empty Slot - Boots
inv_slot_cloak.tga64 x 128Empty Slot - CloakActual display size more like 64 x 100
inv_slot_gloves.tga64 x 32Empty Slot - Gloves
inv_slot_helm.tga64 x 64Empty Slot - Helm
inv_slot_left.tga64 x 128Empty Slot - Left Hand (Shield)Actual display size more like 64 x 100, centered in middle
inv_slot_right.tga64 x 256Empty Slot - Right Hand (Weapon)Actual display size more like 64 x 170
inv_slot_ring.tga32 x 32Empty Slot - Ring
inv_slot_sling.tga32 x 32Empty Slot - Bullets (for sling)

gui_resting.tga256  x  128Progress bars (resting, locking, disarming, etc.)