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Spells are the raw spells and monster abilities. Feats are covered under Feats.

spells.2da Bugs

Some notes on spells.2da bugs to check:

  • What spells can be cast on items (for crafting purposes)
  • Some things miss Innate column which is needed for in-engine purposes
  • Some things need the VS checking for them

Spell Scripts

The spell scripts will all be redone from scratch and thus renamed, which will standardise the naming across spells and abilities and allow several to be compiled into one script in many cases.

Spell scripts names:

  • op_s_XXX.nss - Spell
  • op_f_XXX.nss - Feat (spell script)
  • op_a_XXX.nss - Monster ability (spell script)
  • op_inc_XXX.nss - Include file(s)

Changed Spells

Some opportunities for improvements on existing spells:

  • Additional subdial spells - up to 8 - allows for Polymorph and other spells to have some additional options;
    • Polymorph/Shapechange
    • Add for Contagion - allow which disease to be chosen (and if we want to follow 3.5, make the initial save DC in the script not from the diseases.2da line itself)
    • Bestow Curse - additional options
  • Standardised spell scripts can allow custom Shades and Shadow Conjuration options; a proper replication of D&D (we can also replace the icons so it's clear what they are with SetTextureOverride)
  • Fixes for some spells, using EffectRunScript - cleanup of otherwise separate but "linked" effects (such as Temporary HP in Aid or similar)
  • Add vs. Law and vs. Chaos options to Protection From Evil etc. spells
  • Fix spells that don't use touch attacks to use them, such as Ray of Frost, which also deals more damage (or increase damage of others to match)

Might implement some VFX changes:

  • Split the VFX into duration effects (with long term sounds perhaps) and impact ones (for the effect appearing) such as Protection from Elements which just fires all. the. damn. time.

Balance Changes

Some potential things here:

  • Issass (Greater) Missile Storm - limit the amount of missiles per-object to something sensible, like 5
  • Etherealness - Maybe rebalance a little, the effect is quite broken...
  • Dispel Magic could be used against summons to simply unsummon them. In an area they're affected too. Makes some summons a little more manageable.

New Spells

There are many D&D and new made up spells that could be added. Some would be beneficial to add to add some variety for spellcasters who are limited in elemental damage types or otherwise. Some may be beneficial for Neverwinter Nights as a typical videogame.

SRD Review



This is just a quick review of what may be altered for NWN as above, or what is added - or not added - in the Overhaul potentially.

Spell NameClass/LevelProject StatusNotes

PrestidigitationBrd 0, Sor/WizLow priority addCan conjure some random (or set) minor VFX. More for roleplay. Maybe it makes fake looking weapons that disappear after a while (as a VFX on the hand node).
Ghost SoundBrd 0, Sor/WizLow priority addCan conjure some random (or set) minor sounds. More for roleplay.
Dancing LightsBrd 0, Sor/WizLow priority addCan conjure some light on the ground (rather than on an object/person)
FlareBrd 0, Drd 0, Sor/WizAddSimple 1 minute -1 attack on target, unless they're blind (do by appearance.2da line or presence of Blindsight feats)
Detect PoisonClr 0, Drd 0, Pal 1, Sor/WizLow priority addThis could report back exact information about what diseases and poisons, and ability decreases, are affecting someone. As a cantrip not like it has to cure them.
Mage HandBrd 0, Sor/WizLow priority add

This could be simple; object targeted is an item, item is on the ground, item gets pulled into the casters inventory.

Alternatively you could use it on an thrown object, such a caltrops, to aim it at a particular area with OnPlayerTarget.

Detect MagicBrd 0, Clr 0, Drd 0, Sor/WizAddThis might be retooled as "List magical effects on target" which would be a good utility spell for one action.
Disrupt UndeadSor/WizAddFine damage spell for necromancers, easy to add too!
Read MagicBrd 0, Clr 0, Drd 0, Pal 1, Rgr 1, Sor/WizLow priority addThis could be just "Identify Spell Scroll Items" as a cantrip not a terrible one to have if you don't have much in the way of Lore skill points.
GuidanceClr 0, DrdMaybeNot sure about this one. Possibly have 1 rounds worth of attack bonus, save bonus or something. Bit rubbish for that purpose though (due to how long it takes to do a further action if you cast it on yourself)

May add some 3.5 spells too.

  • 3.5: Break Enchantment - Acts as a very specific type of Dispel Magic. Removes Enchantments, transmutations and curses. Spells must be 5th level or lower.
  • 3.5: Call Lightning Storm - Upgraded Call Lightning
  • Chill Metal - EffectRunScript damage over time spell, either no save if non-magical armor or a save if magical. If no armor then no damage.
  • Command - 1 round of effects (eg Knockdown) better for group situations
  • Heat Metal - Like Chill Metal.
  • Spell Immunity -  would be nice. Easier with NUI
  • Disintegrate - solid magical damage ray. Don't need to do the "to dust" part.
  • Dispel Chaos/Law/Good/Evil primarily gives the ability to dispel one spell cast by those alignments
  • Symbol -  the spell can be a cool kind of AOE effect spell. Subdial for choice.
  • More illusion spells. Possibly some utility if they "die" on hit or need a will save to ignore and the AI reacts properly.
  • Enlarge - can be EffectRunScript so removed properly (also should be OnClientEnter). Basically bonus strength.
  • Reduce - same as Enlarge.
  • Hideous Laughter - make a variant of Confusion with new effect icon.
  • Halt Undead - works if we use the right effects and remove it OnDamaged or OnPhysicalAttacked

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