CEP 3 History

CEP 3 was an idea born in November of 2020, talking with community member, author and content creator Pstemarie. The work began to add new things and fix things, this was a process that went actively for a while but unfortunately died out, the files were however stored.

During August 2021, the project re-emerged and more work prepared for staging a release for October 2021.

Design philosophy

The idea and philosophy behind CEP 3 is to simply continue the work of The Amethyst Dragon, who has kept CEP alive for many years, before finally throwing in the towel around the time EE was released. In consensus, CEP 3 adds latest, and greatest additions from the community, with various authors being asked for permission to use and credit their work, most notably this involves authors such as Stonehammer, Zwerkules, Ancarion, Shemsu-Heru and others.

The purpose with CEP 3 is to add latest quality content, and fix issues that are identified and have been known for a while, it's a community project in the sense that people requesting to have things implemented in most cases will have success as long as the quality is deemed on par.

Among other things there has been .2da merges with CEP 3 so it aligns and is compliant with the updates Beamdog have been working on since release, it features things specifically made for CEP 3 too, this is several DND-esque weapons in mind, and will feature more to come.

CEP 3 will not have ambitions to add futuristic or sci-fi things to it, there are some existing sci-fi elements such as Stargates that will remain and has been a part of CEP for a long time.

CEP 3 Team

The CEP 3 Team currently consists of "Winternite" but is assisted by creators, and authors alike, but the community is encouraged to take contact or discuss and debate on the vault discord.

The Future

There may have been some uncertainty in regards to where CEP 3 will find itself, let me first off say that sometimes projects like this might not receive an update for months, but that doesn't mean its not being worked on actively, I prefer to add a new update only when there is enough meat and reason.

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