The Community Expansion Pack 3

The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) is a very large collection of free, community-made custom content for NWN1 module builders, including

  • Tilesets
  • Creatures
  • Clothing & Armour
  • Weapons
  • Placeables

and almost every other aspect of the game.

It is the most popular fan-made mod, according to Neverwinter Vault downloads and all-time ratings on Steam Workshop.

After release 2.65, CEP forked into two projects, with different design goals:

Despite the names, one fork isn't necessarily newer or better than the other. Builders need to decide which fork to follow (based on factors like new content and compatibility) because it isn't easy to switch from one to the other after 2.65.

CEP 2.x

CEP 2.x continues to be actively developed, adding the best new community content, with the following aims

  • To ensure backward compatibility by never changing anything that existing modules depend on
  • To maintain compatibility with new EE releases and NWN 1.69

Some of the latest CEP 2.x content is for EE only. This is provided as optional add-ons.

Since CEP 2.65, CEP 2.x has added 20 tilesets, 440 creatures, 386 placeables and many other improvements (see change logs)

Download link for CEP 2: CEP 2.x (Community Expansion Pack) | The Neverwinter Vault


CEP 3 also continues to be actively improved, albeit in different directions.

It is compatible with EE, but not NWN 1.69.

Modules using CEP 2.65 or earlier can be rebuilt for CEP 3.

Since CEP 2.65, CEP 3 has delivered a wide range of improvements (see release notes in this wiki)

Download link for CEP 3: CEP 3 The Community Expansion Pack | The Neverwinter Vault

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