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Project Q for CEP (Q4CEP) is a "bolt-on" iteration of Project Q for use with CEP 2.67 and higher.

  1. Q4CEP is NOT compatible with earlier versions of Project Q. 
  2. Q4CEP will NOT contain all of the content in the original Project Q. 
  3. Q4CEP is primarily concerned in creating a cohesive assemblage of assets by overwriting "dated" content from the original game and CEP with improved content.
  4. The HAK names have been changed to delineate them from the original Project Q.

Reporting Issues

Any issues should be reported to Q4CEP Bug Tracker. Keep the reports as simple as possible and do not include requests for content or reports of missing content from previous versions of Project Q - stick to the content included as part of this package and listed here on the wiki under Included Content.

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