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ProjectAuthorSource URLContactSupported?
Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP 4.1)Pstemarie, Ragnarok_Mr4Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.1) | The Neverwinter VaultNo
Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP 4.0)Ragnarok_Mr4Alternate Combat Animations Pack (ACP v4.0) | The Neverwinter VaultRagnarok_Mr4n/aNo
Beambog's HDD Art Pack - w/ Community FixesBeamdog (NWN Community)Beamdog's HD Art Pack Community Fixes | The Neverwinter VaultYes
Community Expansion Pack v2.x (CEP 2)Proleric The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) v2.x | The Neverwinter VaultProleric Yes
Community Expansion Pack v3.x (CEP 3)The Community Expansion Pack (CEP) v3.x | The Neverwinter VaultWinternite Yes
Community Skybox Pack v2.1 (CSP)Chaos_Theocrat, ChaosQueen_Jessica_6Community Skybox Pack (CSP) v2.1 | The Neverwinter VaultChaosQueen_Kara_8n/aNo
Community Tileset Project (CTP)CTP TeamCommunity Tileset Project | The Neverwinter VaultBlack Rider , Winterhawk (question)No
CTP BabylonCTP TeamCTP Babylon | The Neverwinter VaultBlack Rider , Winterhawk (question)No
CTP Generic DoorsCTP TeamCTP Generic Doors | The Neverwinter VaultOldMansBeardn/aNo
Neverwinter Is ComingLaputian BirdNeverwinter Is Coming (NWiC) | Google DriveNWIC DiscordUnknown
Placeables from the game The Witcher 1ZwerkulesPlaceables from the Game The Witcher 1 | The Neverwinter VaultZwerkulesYes
Skyrim Placeablesdafena no longer available on the Vaultdafena No
Verdant Wilderness Override PackTheCapuletTheCapulet's Verdant Wilderness Override Pack | The Neverwinter Vault 

Wild Woods (v0.7) & Wild Lands TilesetsSixWild Woods [v0.7] & Wild Lands Tilesets | The Neverwinter Vaultn/aNo

DISCLAIMER: Project Qv4 is developed as a standalone project. I personally do not use any of the projects noted on this page, nor will I troubleshoot any compatibility issues you may encounter. The support I provide only extends to Project Qv4.