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  • To load a custom shader for custom content you need to add a customshaderVS and customshaderFS line in the MTR file for that specific texture. There used to be an old way to do this in TXI files as well (but don't use TXI files any more!)
    • You should be able to do this for most textures in the game. Exceptions may be things like GUI textures which are a bit odd (they replace a given texture reference internally) but it is worth experimenting. Skies for instance do not have a specific shader file but the MTR option works fine for them.
  • To use some shader things like Standard material inputs then only specifying a renderhint is required
  • The game has several default ones loaded - some are only loaded when certain Game Options are selected such as "Depth of Field" or "Sharpen". Others are loaded as general stock ones for different models.