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Blueprint NameBlueprint FileAppearance NameAIDPortraitOriginal ModelOriginal TexturesOriginal AnimationsOriginal Model ScreenshotReplacement ModelReplacement TexturesReplacement AnimationsReplacement Model ScreenshotNotes


c_ettercap.tgasupermodel: c_troll

c_ettercap (4x upscale)

Uses the troll animations to good effect to be honest.

Trolls are under Giant → Trolls.

Hook Horrornw_horrorHook Horror102po_horror_


c_horrorHas animations

Is supermodel for Vrock, which is in Planar → Fiendish.

There is a higher quality texture, but rather different colourisation of this model as c_hookhorror. Could perhaps recolour, or just use maybe...although the model needs some work to be honest.

Image Added

Umber Hulknw_umberhulkUmber Hulk168po_umberhulk_


c_umberhulk.ddsHas animations

Doesn't appear to be a supermodel for any other model.

The c_umber texture appears to be a "before adding highlights" which we might be able to create a vaguely proper normal map from, or use as a the base diffuse file.



Emitter textures:



supermodel: c_a_bat

This creature is actually mostly an emitter based model no real way to upgrade it, although some colour variants may be nice.

There is one trimesh box but it is set to render 0, shadow 0...might be worth cleaning up but was probably there to render it in 3ds Max for whatever purposes.

The animations are...the bats! Weird, but kinda makes sense (floating, throws itself at an enemy to attack)