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  • Material names are not set correcly for many of the files;
    • pfd0_footl003.mdl, pfd0_footl004.mdl, pfd0_footl006.mdl, pfd0_footl007.mdl, pfd0_footl008.mdl, pfd0_footl009.mdl, pfd0_footl010.mdl, pfd0_footl011.mdl, pfd0_footl012.mdl, pfd0_footl014.mdl, pfd0_footr003.mdl, pfd0_footr004.mdl, pfd0_footr006.mdl, pfd0_footr007.mdl, pfd0_footr008.mdl, pfd0_footr009.mdl, pfd0_footr010.mdl, pfd0_footr011.mdl, pfd0_footr012.mdl, pfd0_footr016.mdl, pfd2_footl003.mdl, pfd2_footl004.mdl, pfd2_footl006.mdl, pfd2_footl007.mdl, pfd2_footl008.mdl, pfd2_footl009.mdl, pfd2_footl010.mdl, pfd2_footl011.mdl, pfd2_footl012.mdl, pfd2_footl014.mdl, pfd2_footr003.mdl, pfd2_footr004.mdl, pfd2_footr006.mdl, pfd2_footr007.mdl, pfd2_footr008.mdl, pfd2_footr009.mdl, pfd2_footr010.mdl, pfd2_footr011.mdl, pfd2_footr012.mdl, pfd2_footr016.mdl, pfo0_footl003.mdl, pfo0_footl004.mdl, pfo0_footl006.mdl, pfo0_footl007.mdl, pfo0_footl008.mdl, pfo0_footl009.mdl, pfo0_footl010.mdl, pfo0_footl011.mdl, pfo0_footl012.mdl, pfo0_footl014.mdl, pfo0_footr003.mdl, pfo0_footr004.mdl, pfo0_footr006.mdl, pfo0_footr007.mdl, pfo0_footr008.mdl, pfo0_footr009.mdl, pfo0_footr010.mdl, pfo0_footr011.mdl, pfo0_footr012.mdl, pfo0_footr016.mdl, pfo2_footl003.mdl, pfo2_footl004.mdl, pfo2_footl006.mdl, pfo2_footl007.mdl, pfo2_footl008.mdl, pfo2_footl009.mdl, pfo2_footl010.mdl, pfo2_footl011.mdl, pfo2_footl012.mdl, pfo2_footl014.mdl, pfo2_footr003.mdl, pfo2_footr004.mdl, pfo2_footr006.mdl, pfo2_footr007.mdl, pfo2_footr008.mdl, pfo2_footr009.mdl, pfo2_footr010.mdl, pfo2_footr011.mdl, pfo2_footr012.mdl, pfo2_footr016.mdl, pme2_footl003.mdl, pme2_footl004.mdl, pme2_footl006.mdl, pme2_footl007.mdl, pme2_footl008.mdl, pme2_footl009.mdl, pme2_footl010.mdl, pme2_footl011.mdl, pme2_footl012.mdl, pme2_footl014.mdl, pme2_footr003.mdl, pme2_footr004.mdl, pme2_footr006.mdl, pme2_footr007.mdl, pme2_footr008.mdl, pme2_footr009.mdl, pme2_footr010.mdl, pme2_footr011.mdl, pme2_footr012.mdl, pme2_footr016.mdl
    • These need some careful checks for the right material files
  • pmh0_footr002.mdl / pmh2_footr002.mdl and left variants can probably be removed or replaced, is a copy of foot001 and some of the files are leftover and low quality (test  files?) such as pfh0_footl002.plt and pfh0_footr002.plt
    • The files are identical to 001 textures are 1:1 match
    • It might be worth including these variants (simply copies of foot001 from what I can tell!) just so it does HD upgrade foot002 (unused, except possibly by content creators who can select it for an NPC for whatever reason). 002 is the "tattoo foot" but it's not got a tattoo on it and PCs can't choose it at chargen.