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In PSP, "OVERLAY" is the only way to retain correct HUE when you blend normal maps. Otherwise some of the pixels in your final image will be pointing the opposite direction and will pick up weird glares from lighting.

(Pstemarie) I've found that for stone, the settings used for the normal map (Overlay 50%) didn't quite get the depth I wanted. Instead, for smooth, unpolished stone use Overlay 100%. For courser stone, duplicate the Overlay layer again, using 100% opacity. Continue duplicating until the stone is of the desired depth. 

Next, let's mix the AO map into the diffuse map.


Copy the new layer again. You can adjust the second copy opacity to get the desired brightness you want.

(Pstemarie) For the roughness maps, I found that it was easier to control the gray shading by following the procedure above but using 100% for the opacity of the 2nd copied screen layer. Finally, add a "brighness/contrast adjustment layer", setting the value of the brightness to 50%.

A general rule is to set the second layer opacity about the same on both.