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Comment: Added monk robe bug


Model/Texture FileNameScreenshotIssueFixed by
pFA0_NECK001Female, Hafling, Neck 01

Dark texture?

Female, Hafling, Torso 02

(may also affect some other female torsos)

The Torso body has a warped model (may be a simple fix) easier to see in the toolset if you toggle between them

Human, Horse, Normal Phenotype Size

Oddly the Large phenotype is fine for Human

The naked version mostly works except the neck

pMO0_CHEST001 and 002Half Orc Torso

With and without the tattoo is affected, texture is not centred
pMH0_HEAD038Human head

messed up texture
pFE0_NECK001 / 002Elf Female Neck

Large texture gaps before it hits the torso.
pFE0_FOOTL001 / FOOTR001Elf female feet

Odd dark areas of textures on the feet
pFE0_FOOTL002/ FOOTR002Elf female feet 002

Now this is not even be in the pack but it's just funny how the texture is so warped! (big grin)

Note the 002 feet need adding basically as a copy of 001 with the ASCII model reference changed inside the file

Most parts Half Orc Female


Half Orc Female body/arms/thighs/pelvis

First is non-tattoo 001 and next is 002 tattoo ones

Texture issues. Tattoo in game is missing on thighs entirely oddly

wswss_t_021 - 024Shortsword piece, top, 2

Upside downWinternite
pFE0_PELVIS001Elf, Female Pelvis, 01

pmh0_robe004.mdlHuman the Cleric robe I think

Misaligned? This is character select.

The issue is only for human male (normal pheno)


Jester's Outfit

Jester's Outfit hides any chest tattoos.

Not certain but think it is



Image Added

(shows the same in-game, not just in Toolset)

Chest, shoulders, arms have black material clipping through the surface of the robe

Known Bugs May Not Be Fixed