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  • BDHD_builders_source_uncompiled_x.
    • This zip contents is intended for builders to pick and choose from the source files for larger projects such as persistent worlds.

    • This specifically contains the ASCII source models (decompiled if necessary) or files that may need compression for release (such as TGA files).

    • It is highly recommended to use the compiled builders pack if you are not intending to make any edits to the files before release.

  • BDHD_builders_source_compiled_x.x
    • This zip contents is intended for builders to pick and choose from the compiled files, ie the ones compressed/compiled for final user use.

    • The override and userpatch hakpack version of the zips are the contents of this zip, just put into hakpack or override folder form with no categorisations.

  • BDHD_builders_additional_x.x- These files are a minor assortment of extras for builders that are removed from the fuller releases and may or may not contain fixes.

Main Changelog


  • Fixed the PLT on helmets properly.


  • Horse phenotypes fixed (note this is done by duplicating 14K files, around 685MB extracted but very little added to zip size). userpatch.ini has an additional .hak file for this. - Jasperre
  • Phenotype positional fixes for most female and "fat" models that should fix the alignment issues between parts - Tjured
  • Fixes to various models with gaps in their geometry (such as Dwarf and Elf, females) - Tjured
  • cloakmodels.2da adjusted to match base game functionality regarding showing shoulder pads for some appearances where the shoulder is uncovered - Jasperre
  • Robe shadows added for all models (copied from the base game robes) - Jasperre
  • Some female human phenotype 2 robe oddities fixes that may solve some phenotype oddities - Jasperre
  • Several PLT Fixes where layers were wrong - Winternite
  • A few Gnome and Halfling "fat" heads added generated from the normal versions since they were omitted by Beamdog - Winternite
  • Helmet PLT fixes so they correctly display colours chosen for them - Wolf and Winternite
  • Tattoo 1 now defaults to brown eyes for NPCs to go along with the tattoo 1 = eye colour improvement on head models - vapidchap


Model/Texture FileNameScreenshotIssueFixed by
Belt_063Belt 063 all races

The missing belt!

This file seems to have been missed from release by Beamdog and needs upgrading.
belt186Belt 186 all racesIt's missing in 1.69 in fact, but still has a valid 2da line entry in parts_belt.2da

belt186 is referenced in parts_belt.2da but NOT included in xp2patch.bif so appears "blank"/invisible. This is very odd. Wonder what armor 186 was originally from (DLA?) needs investigating - but tbh this belt isn't really required for that armor

Low priority but would be nice to find and/or fix!

pFE0_FOOTL001 / FOOTR001Elf female feet

Odd dark areas of textures on the feet

(may be just shadows? need to check when knocked down)

Most parts Half Orc Female


Half Orc Female body/arms/thighs/pelvis

First is non-tattoo 001 and next is 002 tattoo ones

Texture issues. Tattoo in game is missing on thighs entirely oddly

Ignore the toolset issues and focus on the odd texturing in-game.

The toolset issues appear to stem from the toolset still loading the "human, male/female" instead of the race-specific one, since the game this was fixed but the toolset wasn't thus the weird issues (less so on clothing since either it works with them properly or it isn't as drastic a difference in texture).

Need to review the tattoos on each race fully

pfh2_head028 MDL missing apparentlyHuman, Female, Fat, Head 28

Orc female head available to the Human/Half-Orcs

The problem is the file pfh2_head028.mdl is missing - this presumably is the old head loading something unnaturally? Needs further investigation.

Also note pfh0_head028.mdl is also missing but the game hasn't got a pfh0_head028.mdl! so...well Beamdog didn't really do anything wrong!

Possible "fix" is to recreate pfh0_head028.mdl from the Orc, Female, Normal and pfh2_head028.mdl from the Orc, Female, Fat ones.

Head modelsAll

Head models have additional verts defining parts of a neck, which break the HD and normal models in weird ways.

Victorixxx may be providing fixes for these.

pfh0_robe004.mdl (and other  female robe004.mdl)Robe 004

Normal file looks wonky - going across the dress rather than down it causing weird shadow issues.

TBH all the robes need a serious looking at and checking out in detail since they contain a mix of parts (for shadows? but they're weird) nodes and other things that seem to overcomplicate it.

Phenotype 2 bone arms
to follow but essentially large gap between bone and bodyQuick note the bone arms do need redoing for both phenotypes, and they need either slight repositioning or some work on the sizing since they have a gap on phenotype 2 (and almost do on phenotype 0)
Phenotype 2 female cloakspfd2_cloak_014.mdl

wiiiiddeee. This is seriously so much larger than they need to be due to our tuned down phenotype 2.

Seems to be the only solo unique cloak, but a few others are trending to large too.

Note: We've not altered these cloak sizes, this is how the base game is. For now won't fix until it's assessed properly (with armor on, etc. etc.)

Note 2: you can't edit these with NWN armory it seems Sigh.

_robe038.mdl various

Robe 038

The apron straps regularly clips through the armor at the top on the shoulders, and one some the apron doesn't even cover the front part of the armor properly. Doesn't occur on all of them however, but is a mix of male and female ones.

I'd have assumed rescaling from the human models was to blame but the male ones also have issues...weird eh?

pme0_robe038.mdl looks very wacky and off too...

TBH the robes in general need a once over.

pma0_head008.mdlHalfling, Male, Head 008

The texture is messed up on the glasses - egad!

Appears to be a separate UV map trying to reference a (not present, and if it was present, unusable) texture file.

Easiest solution is to delete the glasses. Better is to extend the pma0_head_008.plt file so it's double the size, with the glasses UV on the second half with appropriate colouring and normalmaps.



Robe 020

Image AddedImage Added

The PLT colours are messed up. Primarily the boots and coat need to be swapped, possibly, but the entire cloth 1 layer is missing in the HD pack.

Needs a full revamp and cutout.

Note: likely not reported since a 1.69 coat not used in OC modules.