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Numerous creatures draw their animations from other creature models through the SetSupermodel parameter defined in their MDL file. Note, this parameter always lists the MDL filename filed by the animation supermodel's MDL filename. Modifying these BASE models can cause issues with models that are linked from them. Some are noted in the appeance.2DA by the identifier label "BASE" used in the Name column. Unfortunately, not all models are identified. For reference, this page is a compiled list of all the BASE models that I have been able to identify.

CAUTION: Dragon models form a very Some model sets have a complex, interconnected family tree. For ease of reference, I have highlighted with bold text the dragon MDL files that have a NULL supermodel (making them the BASE animation supermodel).

Models listed with a Row value as "n/a" are supermodels that are not listed as appearances in appearance,2da.


RowMDL Filename (RACE)Linked Models (models that use this model as a supermodel)
13c_bearbrwnpossibly mislabeled as a BASE model
15c_beardirec_bearblck, c_bearbrwn, c_bearkodi, c_bearpolar
19c_btlstagpossibly mislabeled as a BASE model
29c_bugbearAc_bugbearB, c_bugchiefA, c_bugchiefB, c_bugwizA, c_bugwizB
43c_drgcopppossibly mislabeled as a BASE model
48c_drggreenc_drgblue, c_drgred, c_drgsilv, c_drgwhite
50c_drgwhitec_drgcopp, c_drggold, c_drgpris, c_drgprism, c_dracolich
58c_mum_comc_mum_fight02, c_mum_fight03, c_mum_priest01
76c_ghoulc_ghast, c_ghoullord
78c_gnthillc_gntmount, c_render, c_grayrend, 
86c_goblinAc_kobB, c_kobchiefA, c_kobchiefB, c_kobwizA, c_kobwizB
95c_cat_direc_cat_jag, c_cat_lion
105c_impc_mepair, c_mepdust, c_mepearth, c_mepfire, c_mepice, c_mepmagma, c_mepooze, c_mepsalt, c_mepsteam, c_mepwater, c_quasit
120c_minotaurc_minochief, c_minchief, c_minogon, c_minowiz, c_minwiz
127c_ogreAc_ogreB, c_ogrechiefA, c_ogrechiefB, c_ogremageA, c_ogremageB
134c_oldwarAc_asabchief, c_oldchiefA, c_oldchiefB, c_oldwarB
140c_orcAc_orcB, c_orchiefA, c_orcwizA,
159c_spidgiantc_aranea, c_spiddire, c_spidphase, c_spidswrd, c_spidwra
175c_direwolfc_fenhound, c_worg
181c_wolfc_barghest, c_grbarghest, c_blinkdog, c_dog, c_wintwolf, c_giantliz
186c_allipc_mistvamp, c_spectre, c_wraith
202c_catc_cat_crag, c_cat_kren, c_cat_lep, c_cat_panth, c_krenshar, c_leopard
401c_beholdc_beholdboss, c_beholdeye, c_beholdwiz
407c_driderchfc_drider, c_driderfem
n/ac_beetlec_btlbomb, c_btlfire, c_btlslicer, c_btlstag, c_btlstink
n/ac_lionc_cougar, c_cragcat, c_jaquar,