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To work around this if you mark a feat as usable by all classes but unobtainable (such as a required feat that is never granted) but you grant the feat by racialtypes.2da, and it is an active feat, it will not be available to use. Instead it should be added to every classes.2da FeatsTable entry (if you are doing active racial feats this way set the level requirement to 99 and use unique feats - not existing ones - for them). It then appears "properly" under class abilities like "Horse Menu" does.

2da Columns

ColumnExampleValid ValuesDescription and Notes
FeatLabelBarbEnduranceAny textHuman readable description, unused by the game
FeatIndex194feat.2da entry

0 = Selectable on level up (as a general feat)

1 = General feat or bonus feat (e.g. fighter bonus feats)

2 = Bonus feat only

3 = Automatically granted feat

This is to define how the feat is available or granted.

General feats are selected, for instance


Quicken Metamagic feat is a general feat for most

classes. Use

spellcasting classes (but not every class since ALLCLASSESCANUSE is set to 0), and uses 0 for this option on for instance the Bard class who can then select it on level up.

Some feats are available as bonus feats but also usually selectable, like how Fighters can select Knockdown as a general or bonus feat at any level, by having it set to 1.

  • Epic feats are also granted this way for many classes

Some feats are bonus feats, such as a Ranger's Favoured Enemy. See cls_bfeat_xxx.2da for further information.

Some feats are granted automatically, such as armor proficiencies at level 1, and have this set to 3.


-1 if selected through any usual levelup

1 or higher if granted or available at a particular level

Which level the feat is granted to the class. An entry of -1 means that the feat can be selected through standard levelling up.

Note the order of the 2da is unimportant - you could have epic feats at the start and starting feats at the end, but most of the time it is in rough levelup order.


0 - Passive feat or hardcoded active feat, don't put onto the class Radial menu

1 - Active spell-feat, put into class Radial menu

For instance "Barbarian Rage" would be 1, while "Weapon Proficiency: Simple" would not.

It can then be used as a feat-spell (or if a hardcoded feat like Knockdown be used usually).

Default 2das


Note feats that are hardcoded into menus, eg; Knockdown, do not need this setting to 1.

Default 2das

Each class has a feat definition file, for reference these are:

2da NameClassNotes
cls_feat_aber.2daAberrationNPC class. WeapProfCreature and Alertness only granted automatically.
cls_feat_archer.2daArcane Archer
cls_feat_barb.2daBarbarianGood example of spell-like feats, eg Barbarian Rage
Apparently a "cheat" feat list, it just grants FEAT_PRESTIGE_DEATH_ATTACK_1 through FEAT_PRESTIGE_DEATH_ATTACK_5 at levels 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 automatically. Probably for testing it.
cls_feat_comm.2daCommonerNPC class. WeapProfSim only granted automatically.
cls_feat_crea.2daAnimal, Construct, Humanoid, Monsterous, Elemental, Undead, Beast, Magical Beast, Shapechanger, VerminNPC classes. WeapProfCreature only granted automatically.
cls_feat_divcha.2daDivine Champion
cls_feat_dradis.2daDragon Disciple

NPC class. WeapProfCreature, WeapFocCreature, PowerAtk, Cleave, KnockDown granted automatically.

cls_feat_dwdef.2daDwarven Defender

NPC class. WeapProfWizard, Alertness, Dodge, ImpInit granted automatically.


NPC class. WeapProfCreature, WeapProfMar, WeapProfSim, PowerAtk granted automatically.

Old definition for the Weapon Master which used to be Kensei. Very similar to cls_feat_wm.2da sans later weapons and Epic levels.

NPC class. WeapProfCreature, WeapProfMar, WeapProfSim granted automatically.

cls_feat_palema.2daPale Master
cls_feat_pdk.2daPurple Dragon Knight
cls_feat_wm.2daWeapon Master

2da Contents

Example contents from cls_feat_barb.2da