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A phenotype is...a crazy piece of Bioware tech to allow you to be "fat" and "normal" in the default game (a phenotype is only valid for the default 7 PC races (Dwarf, Human, Half Elf, Half Orc, Elf, Gnome and Halfling - other models don't use phenotypes), which morphed into allowing mounts (horses) in later patches, which utilised the DefauiltPhenoType column so you don't duplicate too much (although it only inherits trimesh models. Not skinmesh alas!).

These phenotypes need duplicates of all the models - thus is why likely Bioware never bothered with "thin". Crazy amounts of work to add a new one so no one would! (all custom content with new armor, for instance, would need to then create yet another type).

NwN Armoury can alieviate some of the issues resizing things for phenotypes;

You can alter a creatures phenotype in the toolset (eg; to be "Fat") or use script commands; SetPhenoType and GetPhenoType.

Line Limits

This needs testing properly! Apparently it is higher than 21 entries, which would make sense...

Due to there being hardcoded engine limitations only 0 - 20 (21 entries) can be used. Reusing an unused one (such as "skinny", line 1) may work but not sure. Lines 3 to 20 are PHENOTYPE_CUSTOM_XPlayers in EE can select more than just fat and normal with the ruleset.2da value CHARGEN_ENABLED_PHENOTYPES. This allows duplicate phenotypes but with different heads, for instance.

Line Limits

There are three potential limits to be aware of;

  • The ruleset.2da value CHARGEN_ENABLED_PHENOTYPES which allows phenotypes 0 through 30 to be usable at character creation
  • The phenotype limit the engine uses. This is unknown and needs testing and may be as low as 255. The creature file format suggests an INT size but this may be bogus.
  • File length limits - the number of characters for the phenotype files is limited to 16; eg phm12345_chest001.mdl is the maximum file name size, meaning 0 through 99999 is one potential limit.

2da Columns

ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
LabelNormalTextThe label of the phenotype
Name2223TLK ReferenceThe name of the phenotype, used in the toolset.
DefaultPhenoType0phenotype.2da line

Most will be 0 (the default "Normal" size of creature). The others use 2.

This provides a fallback model to use so you don't have to duplicate things (eg; armor, heads) for new phenotypes (so a "Normal" sized creature can get their "Normal" sized head model loaded).

Note: skinmesh models like Robes are not affected by this and need to be created for every valid phenotype!