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ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
LabelAnimalEmpathyAny textA text value identifying the feat associated with this row. It is not used by the game engine, but makes it easier to locate specific feats within the file. All spaces should be replaced with underscores ( _ ).
Name269Dialog.tlk reference

The skills name, as shown in game and the toolset

This column is what the character sheet uses to order skills. You can setup a custom order using Custom Tokens.

Description344Dialog.tlk referenceThe skills description, show in on the character sheet and at level up
Iconisk_aniempIcon texture resref

1 - Untrained - can be used with no skill ranks

0 - Trained - requires skill ranks

Skills such as "Open Lock" require training - this means using the skill at 0 ranks (the amount done at level up screens, not those bonuses from items/ability scores) cannot be used.


Ability score that is associated with this skill and grants bonuses to it.

There are hardcoded penalties applied to Strength and Dexterity based skills automatically when blinded; it is in ruleset.2da as BLIND_PENALTY_TO_SKILL_CHECK and is set to a default of 4.


1 - Has armor check penalty

0 - Has no armor check penalty

When armor is equipped it provides a penalty to skills with this set to 1, for instance Full Plate has -8. Usually it is only dexterity based skills (the exception being Open Lock and Ride in the default skills.2da)


1 - All classes can use this skill (put points into it during levelup)

0 - Only specific classes can put points into it

This does not determine what skills cost more, just what skills can absolutely not be chosen unless allowed by classes.2da. For instance Perform is strictly a Bard skill, no other class can pick points in it.
Category****categories.2da value or ****

The default game does not specify a category for any skill. It'd only make sense for hardcoded active-use skills such as Animal Empathy, Heal, Parry or Taunt. It is unlikely it works well or at all however if categories are assigned to them.

If you want to make use of these skills by the NPC it is recommended to use ActionUseSkill or ActionUseItemOnObject.

MaxCR1**** or integerWould be, if the talent system wasn't an undocumented hardcoded mess, work with the Category. Since no skill has a category this is essentially ignored, and for custom skills is unusable anyway.
ConstantSKILL_ANIMAL_EMPATHYAny textUnused by the game or toolset just a builder reference. Makes sense to have a constant name as per nwscript.nss or an include file however.
HostileSkill11 or 0Only used by active skills (see section above).