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Access violation at address 7910CBC6 in module 'nvogiv32.dll', read of address C0305F3F

This According to user Imtherealthing, this access violation occurred when trying to open an area in the toolset, causing the toolset to lock up. If the area is entered using the game client, the client crashes as soon as the player approaches one portion of the area, generating a crash dump and log file. The module 'nvogiv32.dll' is an nVidia file; however, the error does not seem to be caused by a driver issue as the user - Imtherealthing - reports that his nVidia drivers are up to date. Considering that the game client crashes when approaching a certain point in the area, this crash is most likely caused by a missing or corrupt mdl file - most likely a placeable or placed creature 

The error was caused by a creature blueprint in the area that had an invalid class. According to Imtherealthing, he had moved a custom class to a new row in his classes.2da but had not updated the creature blueprint to reflect this change. Once the creature blueprint was updated, the issue was resolved

Crash when Loading an Area (Nvidia).