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  1. When attempting to open the “Tile Properties” window.
    1. This error is caused by adding lines to lightcolor.2da.
  2. When attempting to open an Area.
    1. This error is caused by a bad entry in the .SET file for the tileset. Typically, the TILES and/or GROUPS counts are set below the number of tiles and/or groups defined in the .SET file.
  3. When attempting to paint a Tile Feature or Group into an Area. This error is typically caused by one or more of the following:
    1. The MDL file(s) for the tile(s) specified in the SET file is missing.
    2. The name of your model in your tileset's SET file is incorrect.  Either the model isn't loaded in your HAK or you've made a typo typically.  Check your spelling and make you've loaded the model.  Perhaps you made an update and forgot to adjust in the SET file.
    3. The walkmesh (AABB) of your tile is beyond the bounds of a 10x10 tile.  Check the walkmesh of your tile, making sure all edges and vertices of your tile are within the 10x10 limits.
    4. You have more than 10,000 faces in a model.  This can cause many different errors including this one.  Find ways to reduce the number of faces such as using a modifier such as Decimate, dissolving unnecessary smoothing vertices, splitting it up in multiple parts, or simply remake it from scratch using simpler meshes.
    5. The walkmesh (AABB) of the MDL file is screwed up and doesn't have the correct number of 'entrypoint' lines in the AABB list.".  This last one comes courtesy of Merricksdad and may be specific to NWMax - the walkmesh is too-complex, causing part of the code loop in NWMax to fail to split. NWMax didn't error catch and just gave up instead. Could this also happen if the AABB lines in the MDL file don't match the WOK file?
  4. List Index Out of Bounds (60) is caused by having an ARE file set to use a Tileset that is no longer installed in the module.

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