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The exceptions to this are these items which have hardcoded exceptions where the VFX model above, for instance wblfl_fxholy.mdl (loaded for "Holy" for the Light Flail), are attached to a specific part instead.

Weapon NameNode attachedPart attached to
Light Flailfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Heavy Flailfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Morningstarfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Whipfx_nodePart 2 (Middle)

2da Columns

ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
LabelAcidHuman readable stringBuilder reference, not used by the game
Name83393Dialog.tlk string referenceName of the item property for toolset use
ModelSuffixacidText string

The YYYYY suffix of the model to use.

Note a blank entry would make a good "None" to override any other VFX on the weapon (hardcoded ones such as vs. good).