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2da fileBioware Default PrefixesIcon Type
actions.2dair_A subset of actions - not all of them are here naturally, but most are. The icons appear in the radials, and top left "action queue" as appropriate.
classes.2dair_Class icons are shown generally in levelup screens only. Note creature classes just default to ir_wizard (or ir_cleric for oozes) because it doesn't really matter (note for Ooze, most of the cleric line was copied)

w (weapon)

iw (default weapon icon)

it_ (item)

iit_ (default item icon)

cloak (cloaks)

a (armor)

Shown in all sorts of places. The "Defaault" ones shouldn't usually show up.


Domain icons as show in the level up and character sheet.


Effect Icons such as "ief_damresist" for damage resistance, on the character sheet, examine panel and top right of the players screen for effects on self.

Helpful tip; different immunities, or damage type immunities can be specified exactly here (eg; Immunity to Critical Hits can have a different icon from all the other immunities)


is_ (usual spells)

ir_ (several generic monster abilities/activate item)

Spell icons, used in levelup, spell books, action radials, spells cast from non-scrolls etc.

Scroll icons - the icon that replaces the blank scroll directly (ie it has the scroll background etc.). If the spell is being cast from another item type it'll go into a radial and look for the usual spell icon (see spells.2da)