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Sound Effect File nameUsageDescription and Notes
gui_button.wavButton clickedGUI button clicked (eg: selecting your gender in the character creation)
gui_check.wavCheckbox - like options menu or similar
gui_journaladd.wavNew Journal EntryTriggered by AddJournalQuestEntry when no quest exists yet
gui_levelup.wavLevelup is achievedPlayed when you have a levelup available
gui_magbag_full.wavSomething is put into a magic bag when there is no space
gui_nowalk.wavPathfinding fails going to a selected map point
gui_picklockfail.wavPicking a lock resulting in failure
gui_picklockopen.wavPicking a lock successfully and the lock opensNote a very similar SFX to picklockfail.
gui_prompt.wavPrompt popupEG: entering a password or when adding a chat command to the hotbar and a text box pops up
gui_questdonequest_done.wavJournal entry is marked as completedTriggered by AddJournalQuestEntry when a quest is "done" or "complete" - whether failed or succeeded
gui_quick_quickaddadd.wavDragging an icon to the quickbar
gui_quick_quickeraseerase.wavRemoving an icon from the quickbar and I think the spell book
gui_radial_open.wavRight click radial menu opening
gui_radial_slect.wavRight click radial menu selecting an item
gui_scroll.wavScrolling a page
gui_select.wavSelecting something which isn't a button
gui_spell_mem.wavMemorising a spell in the spell book
gui_traparm.wavTrap is armed
gui_trapdisarm.wavTrap is disarmedNo "Failure to disarm" sounds since failing to disarm tends to set it off (if in combat).
gui_trapsetoff.wavTrap is set off

Like a pressure plate being stepped on.

Only for the player who set it off I think? Maybe plays if a henchmen does for the master PC? Not sure. Anyway main trap sounds should be area-wide general ones from the trap scripts.