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Option Panel Namesettings.tml nameDefault ValueOptions Panel Valuessettings.tml valuesDescription and Notes

Frame Limiter

OffOn, Off
If enabled the FPS limiter settings below are used. If disabled it'll use the most FPS possible.
Foreground Target Fps
601 - 255
FPS limit when the game is in the foreground and no radials or menus are open
Background Target Fps
101 - 255
FPS limit when the game is in the background - eg; you've clicked on your web browser (this usually pauses in SP)
Non Interactive Target Fps
481 - 255

FPS limit when:

  • You're in the main menu
  • You've right clicked to open the radial menu
  • You're in the level up screen

It'd be recommended to set this to the same as Foreground Target FPS to keep a consistent FPS.