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ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
Label"new:Gem, Diamond"TextHuman readable label. The label must be a continuous line of text - e.g. BrokenTable - unless bracketed by quotation marks - e.g. "Table, Broken".
StrRef111344dialog.tlk string reference IDShown in toolset as the appearance name. If this is "****", then the Label will be the name that appears in the toolset. 
ModelNameit_midmisc_151Resref of modelModel that is shown in toolset and in game for this appearance.
LightColor6Index into lightcolor.2da

If ****, then do not spawn in a light.

Otherwise, spawn in "fx_placeable01.mdl" as a light source, and set its colors as specified in lightcolor.2da.

Note the default fx_placeable01.mdl file has an annoying (or very 2000's style) "camera flare"; see discussion here. You can remove it yourself from the model to clear it out or blank the "flare" texture (which is fxpa_flare).

Note that there is also fx_flame01.mdl commonly referenced in other models that also has fxpa_flare.

It is not recommended to remove fxpa_flare texture itself - several creatures reference it for their visual effects, such as Fire Elementals having fiery sparks coming off them. The list of models using the texture is available here.

LightOffsetX0.003989X vectorOffset in meters by which the light model's "root" node should be moved after it has been spawned. Spawn in the light at the same location as the placeable.
LightOffsetY0.010825Y vector
LightOffsetZ0.874821Z vector
SoundAppType21Index into placeableobjsnds.2daSounds when hit, opening, destroyed etc.

**** (no shadow cast)

Float value

When the Shadows setting is set to "Fast" it uses this to determine the basic shadow size to cast. Seems to be size in meters probably needs testing some more however.

Most objects just set it to 1, and **** if there is no shadow (eg; underwater objects, or see through objects).

BodyBag0Index into bodybag.2daSpawned if there were items left in the placeable when it was destroyed
LowGorePLC_P04Resref of modelResRef of alternate MDL to use if the one listed under ModelName is too violent for the current violence settings in the game.





Or an environment map resref

**** = alpha channel is transparency

default = alpha channel is reflectiveness - uses the value in the SET file for the area you're currently in

The column can otherwise accept any other reflection map resref. There are a few, like the Gygax stuff, which use DLA's custom reflection map (dlag__ref01). Golden/shiny objects seem to use PLC_G_ENV as well.



or 0 booleanPresumably if 0 allows animations?

Allow Static option

0 Disable Static option

If set to 0 will disable the Static tickbox in the toolset for this appearance. This was to fix the fact certain skinmesh based placeables will crash the game if loaded in as a static one (eg: plc_fish01.mdl or pwc_sieg_001.mdl). You can still have a placeable set to plot and unusable to get a similar effect (just they'll fade out at 45M).