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Column NameExampleValid ValuesDescription and Notes
NameBatTextHuman readable label
BASERESREFNW_FM_BATPartial resref name

This is the UTC creature template resref minus the 2 numbers at the end that refer to the level of the creature.

EG: nw_fm_bat01.utc through nw_fm_bat40.utc is needed for the "Bat" familiar.

If an invalid resref is supplied nothing is properly loaded.

These UTC files need to be available on the server and client end for players to be able to properly select them on levelup. It is about the only UTC blueprint the client needs.

STRREF1995dialog.tlk referenceThe name in the "Choose your companion/familiar" levelup/chargen screen
DESCRIPTION5636dialog.tlk referenceThe description in the "Choose your companion/familiar" levelup/chargen screen