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  • Have a caster who knows their entire spellbook (like a Cleric) but casts spells without assigning slots (like a Sorcerer) by using SpellbookRestricted 0 and MemorizesSpells 0
  • Have a caster who only can learn from scrolls and knows no spells at levelup - see notes under LearnScroll
  • Have a divine caster (who gets an Animal Companion) who learns a selection of spells at levelup, and from scrolls, by using MemorizesSpells 1, SpellbookRestricted 1, LearnScroll 1, Arcane 0, and MinAssociateLevel 1
  • Have a non-Wizard who picks spell schools using PickSchool 1 allowing bonus spell slots and restricted spells
  • Have a limited level class (Say max level 5) with very limited spellbook that has a multipler for the caster level so they still are usable at higher levels (a 4.0 multipler would mean caster level 20 at class level 5).
  • All of the above could have customised spell lists using new columns in spells.2da