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Some Beamdog documentation available here: mostly translated here.

Table of Contents

progfx.2da Exceptions

progfx.2da only applies to visualeffects.2da. The problem with this is that vfx_persistent.2da cannot make use of it (this also defines models to use for visuals). There is one line that has a programmed effect - line 7 - blade barrier - applies environmental mapping as per id 2 below. No other lines can have this added, or any other progfx.2da changes.

2DA Contents

Column NameExampleValid ValuesDescription and Notes
This is just a name for the effect for readability. No effect.

Type ID. Generally the TypeID is tied to the hundreth position in the 2da file itself, eg; Type 3 starts at line 300.

Table of Contents

Param1See belowVariesSee below
Param2See belowVariesSee below
Param3See belowVariesSee below
Param4See belowVariesSee below
Param5See belowVariesSee below
Param6See belowVariesSee below
Param7See belowVariesSee below
Param8See belowVariesNone seem to use this one for some reason.