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  • Name: (String) Internal name of the group. (No whitespace)Also used as unlocalized name if no StrRef is supplied.
  • StrRef: (Integer, StrRef) This is an integer value reference into the global DIALOG.TLK file. Any value over 16777216 will instead be a reference (minus 16777216) into the module-specific TLK file.UnlocalizedName: (String) Name override which is not user-language-dependent.
  • Rows: (Integer) Number of rows (Y-axis) covered by this tile group
  • Columns: (Integer) Number of columns (X-axis) covered by this tile group
  • Tile#: (Integer) A tile group has a number of zero-based tile references with values equal to tile indices in this SET file. Tile references must be made in a certain order for the tile group to be drawn correctly. The first reference is always the bottom-left corner tile. Tile references then proceed to the right (columns, x-axis), and then up (rows, y-axis. The last tile should then be top-right corner tile.