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Comment: note re: missing dlls


  1. Download nwsync . Extract and place all components into a folder (Note: the latest version, v0.3.2, does not include a required .dll file which will give an unrecognisable error later. The newer .exe is preferable, but please also download and extract the .dll files from an earlier version, and place them inside this same folder)
    1. While not a strict nwsync requirement, for basic use nwsync should be installed on a computer that can run the nwn module via nwserver (even if not the one that does run the module), because it will auto-locate the needed hak/tlk files the same way that nwserver does. This will look something like:
      1. Module in documents/nwn/module
      2. Haks in documents/nwn/hak
      3. Tlk in documents/nwn/tlk
    2. Many people find that nwsync takes exceptionally long (days) when prepared on low-resource hardware (such as a low-power laptop or a small Virtual Machine). My guess is related to limited RAM, or slow hard drives choking the process. Suggest you prepare nwsync on a well-provisioned computer (and then transfer/move the prepared data to your hosting solution, as applicable)
  2. Download my unofficial gui wrapper . This prepares and runs the command line options for nwsync for you. Place the nwsync_gui.exe into the same directory as nwsync (or it can find nwsync via PATH, if you know what that is)
    1. If you are familiar/comfortable with the nwsync command lines, skip the gui and run the commands directly. Then, proceed to step 3. Running nwserver
  3. Run nwsync_gui.exe
  4. Choose a Source - Select your modulename.mod file
    1. All sorts of package files (mod, erf, hak) can be nwsync’d to meet different needs, but for the basic case just select mod.
    2. If you want to include Portraits, Music or Ambient Sounds in your nwsync, pack them within a hak file and include it in the module - This is due to a limitation in nwsync_gui that is planned to be resolved in the future.
  5. Choose a Destination folder
    1. If you complete the ‘Set up a http server’ step above you should select the 'html' folder inside the nginx directory and then create a subfolder such as 'nwsyncdata'. The remainder of the walkthrough will assume you did this.
    2. If you are using a paid/hosted http solution, this is a temporary destination until you can upload to your host. How you upload to your host will depend on the host itself.
  6. Click the large "RUN NWSYNC WRITE" button and wait for it to finish. This can take a while - Let it run.