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Column NameExampleNotes
BaseResRefdw_f_01_The filename without the "po_" prefix or the corresponding "size" value (h, l, m, s, t) noted above after it. Example file would be po_dw_f_01_h.tga for the "Huge" one.

Index into gender.2da, the suggested gender of the portrait. For quick reference these numbers are:

0 - Male

1 - Female

2 - Both

3 - Other

4 - None

PC chargen can only see those for their selected gender, ie 0 or 1, so anything which isn't 0 or 1 will be toolset only. The PC cannot ever see other opposite gender so if there are shared portraits add two entries with just the gender being different.

Race3Index into racialtypes.2da, the suggested race attached to the portrait
InanimateType7Index into placeabletypes.2da, the suggested category of placeable this portrait is related to.
Plot0If 0 it is allowed for players to pick this, if 1 the portrait is considered "plot" and not pickable by players (eg; Aribeths portrait in the OC)
LowGorePLC_M06_If a resref is supplied and "low violence" mode is enabled this is show instead of the original. Same formatting as BaseResRef.