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  • Back up module file
  • Open module (don't open any areas or anything!)
  • Open GFFEditor.exe and go File → Open. Go to your \My Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules\temp0 folder and open the .are file you need. This is identified by the "ResRef" field in the Advanced Area Properties.
  • Find the Tileset line entry which is a CResREf field type.
  • Edit the value to be something new, eg: tts01 could become tts02 (Rural Winter upgraded to Rural Winter - Facelift). Click off the entry to enable saving (so the change is registered) and File → Save it.
  • You now can open the area in the toolset and it should show the newer tileset:
  • Save the module (if it doesn't have the save button active re-save a script or re-save a conversation file, don't open any areas)