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2da fileLine Limit (assuming 0 start)Notes
baseitems.2da255Hardcoded due to network limitations; items may not function as intended.
classes.2da254Hardcoded due to network limitations plus "255" number is reserved as "CLASS_TYPE_INVALID"

uint16 used in network however not recommended to go over 32K even if 65,536 is absolute maximum. There are likely problems with subdial feats if you do this.

skills.2da32Hardcoded due to network limitations to 255 but GUI issues make it a 32 skill limit. May only affect the "Untrained" column however?
spells.2da4096Possibly the limit - needs testing, but is to do with 12 bits available for the "spell radial" entry being sent over the network. May have been removed at some point but needs fully testing.
iprp_damagecost.2da127 (or possibly 128)

Certainly going to line 129 or higher works for the server end (damage is done correctly) but the client won't show it correctly in the character sheet because it looks up 2da line as a negative (impossible). Line 159 was tested which had the string "-97 Magical Damage" since 159 - 128 = 31, and 128 - 31 = 97.

It shows correctly on items, and higher lines are safe for NPCs to use.

Unused 2da files

Bioware left in some 2da files from early development (before game release). These files are not loaded by the game, toolset or Get2DAString at all and can be ignored. They do get confusing however.

  • areaeffects.2da - See vfx_persistent.2da instead
  • caarmorclass.2da - remnants of armour system?
  • catype.2da - remnants of creature parts system?
  • combatmodes.2da - Unused references to (a limited set) of combat action modes
  • doortype.2da - See doortypes.2da instead
  • effectanim.2da - See visualeffects.2da instead
  • metamagic.2da - Appears to be unused by the game making all of these hardcoded
  • nwconfig.2da - Unused as of NWN:EE since it removes the "settings" nwconfig program.
  • nwconfig2.2da - Was this ever used?
  • resistancecost.2da - Blank
  • soundcatfilters.2da - Replaced probably by rrf_wav.2da and would be toolset specific anyway
  • soundtypes.2da - Sounds are not tied to a 2da, but are done by resource name
  • treasurescale.2da - I don't think this is used anywhere of note. It'd be used in the toolset I'd guess but there isn't a treasure generation system there.
  • vfx_fire_forget.2da - See visualeffects.2da instead