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While DDS files should override TGA files when present, there are some oddities due to how the game loads textures in general. The actual order is different to the standard Content Order below but only for these two file types.

What does this mean? Basically that if you, for instance, put "c_aribeth.tga" into the override folder, it'd actually be the one used compared to "" inside the default game BIFs, even though usually DDS has to be there to override DDS. This is most common an issue for item icons since TGA files basically tell the game "an icon exists" as frustrating as that is.

  • DDS in override (and development, and possibly Steam Workshop)
  • TGA in override (and development, and possibly Steam Workshop)
  • DDS in nwsync
  • TGA in nwsync
  • DDS in ERF (ie hakpacks)
  • TGA in ERF (ie hakpacks)
  • DDS in BIF
  • TGA in BIF

KTX files, used on iOS, I'm not sure how fit in this load order.

Content Order

Highest to Lowest. Something in a higher option always overrides the lower option.