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Players can have creature weapons and hides equipped (which are sometimes used to add feats or effects to the player permanently, in lieu of having any AddFeat() or EffectAddFeat() or something. The players hide needs equipping through scripts otherwise it just sits in a PCs inventory. They can't view these afterwards (Similarly a DM can't see a possessed creatures hides or weapons annoyingly!). Polymorph can sometimes mess these up.

Effects on Players

Effects have a varierty of state changes on things. Players however seem to have some exceptions from the normal changes these effects do.

The main changes appear to be around EffectCharmed and EffectDominated.

These will be documented in time - essentially though they appear to not run any statescript.2da file, and just cause the player to stand there (which itself is sometimes worse than doing a hostile action since they're considered flat footed!)

Most spell scripts change EffectDominated to the EffectDaze effect in the routine GetScaledEffect in nw_i0_spells (although this is sometimes applied improperly/wrongly).

Dungeon Masters Characteristics


  • Obviously are plot / invincible in addtion have some exceptions to any kind of effect just from being a DM
  • Will not be returned in checks of GetFirst/NextObjectInArea(), GetFirst/NextObjectInShape() or GetNearestCreature().
    • To get around this (Eg; making sure an area is clear before calling DestroyArea()) use GetFirst/NextPC() and check the area they are in. In addition use GetIsDMPossessed for anything else to make sure they're not a DM in diguise.
    • You also still have perfectly valid GetIsObjectSeen between objects if you can find them. The spells and creature AI therefore tends to ignore DMs, mostly (they can be picked up by last damager etc.)
  • Everything considers the DM faction neutral, and this can never change - the DM faction is hardcoded in th egame to be always neutral.
  • Will not trigger encounters at all
  • When possessing another creature (so GetIsDMPossessed() is true for that creature) the actual DM body is sent to Limbo which is an invalid area just storing it as a reference (check the Chooser screen for what it means here)
  • Still can show in perception events for creatures (and other events), but these are weird - don't rely on them