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TLK NumberTextTLK Number for FloatingFloating TextFormatted floaty stringRelevant EventUsage
8296This object is locked.8307locked*locked*OnFailToOpen

When trying to open an object (placeable/door) that is locked.

7943That object is not locked.

n/aWhen using Open Lock on an already unlocked object (placeable/door)
7944A specific key is required to open that object.

OnFailToOpenWhen using Open Lock on an object which is locked, with a tagged key (placeable/door) (the key tagged may be blank, meaning no key really will open it).
7945You used a key.

OnOpen (possibly OnUnlock?)When using a key to open an object (placeable/door). It might remove the key if the right option is selected too.
40091Success will never be possible

n/aWhen using Open Lock with either no skill or too low a skill for a take 20 to work.


Image Added

Skill checks; via. the skill check script command or built into the engine like Pick Locks or Disarm Traps.

Note that if the skill is a take 20 one it will prefix it with 10485 below.

<CUSTOM0> - Name of person doing the check

<CUSTOM1> - Skill being used

<CUSTOM2> - Success etc. - other TLK strings are inserted

<CUSTOM3> - Dice roll

<CUSTOM4> - a plus or minus symbol depending on the modifier being positive or negative

<CUSTOM5> - Modifier

<CUSTOM6> - Total roll + modifier

<CUSTOM7> - DC to equal or beat

Note: attempts to colourize this string from the dark blue colour used have failed, if you know how edit this space!

10485Take 20

Used in the skill check above. This string is prefixed with " : " before the entire string if take 20 is used (eg; Traps).
6395Your journal has been updated.

Journal editing commandsWhen your journal has a new or updated entry in it.
8123You are running low on ammunition! You only have <CUSTOM0> round(s) left!

When your weapon is low on ammo
8124You are out of ammunition.53243Out Of Ammo!*Out Of Ammo!*
The weapon currently in use is out of ammo
61939You cannot damage your target with your currently equipped weapon!61940Weapon Ineffective! *Weapon Ineffective*
The weapon currently being used is ineffective. This also applies when the target object is marked as Plot (invincible).

10468Acquired Item: <CUSTOM0>

OnAcquireItemAn item has been placed in the players inventory, or picked up.
10469Lost Item: <CUSTOM0>

OnUnAcquireItemAn item has been removed from the players inventory