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  • They default to Plot (invincible). Use SetPlot(FALSE) if using DestroyObject() on them. This renders it immune to spell AOE damage.
  • Cannot play animations (eg; turning a flame on/off) since this requires it to be non-static
    • However can be have permanent animations such as danglymesh on the model itself
  • Cannot be created, sort of:
    • In NWNX you can create static placeables but it will only appear if a player re-enters the area for it to be "baked in" and graphically load.
    • Outside of NWNX CreateObject() will run a UTP file and strip the static flag off. This means it defaults to a non-usable placeable as per below properties. This means you don't necessarily have to have multiple blueprints for static versus non-static versions in a SP module.
  • Can be destroyed (use DestroyObject() if the plot flag is removed) however it will not be removed from the geometry until the player re-enters an area. Outside of NWNX this is not recommended unless you want to make permanent level changes.
  • They do not load LOD files and are always at maximum quality
  • They cannot be visually scaled or transformed (although their location can be set to any arbitary one). To scale use a tool like CleanModelsEE to scale the MDL file and create a new placeables.2da line for it.

Moving Placeables

You can either clone the placeable (CopyObject) or use the effect EffectDisappearAppear on them. This won't change the facing but SetFacing works on placeables.

Placeables and the Toolset