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  • AngularVelocity: Rotation speed (degree per second) of the around the center of the texture

  • Lerp: Linear interpolation. True to animate color/size between two values

  • LerpPeriod: Seconds between Start and End state of the interpolation

  • BeginSize: Default texture size / size at the start of the interpolation

  • EndSize: Texture size at the end of the interpolation

  • OrientationType:

    • Camera oriented: The particle texture will always be perpendicular to the camera.
    • User-defined explicit orientation: The particle texture will be facing the same direction defined by OrientationExplicitMode
    • Vertically oriented (around Z): The particle texture will remain vertical while facing toward the camera.
  • OrientationExplicitMode: Only works if orientation type is User-defined explicit orientation.

    • None (no orientation update): Orient using BillboardOrientationVector
    • Source object orientation: Rotated around Z axis to match the source object facing
    • Source object rotated: Match source object X/Y/Z rotations. Useful if the effect is applied to a body part.
    • Source-to-target: ??, Seems to fallback as None (no orientation update). Used only in fx_aoo.bbx and fx_cleave.bbx.
    • Target object orientation: ??, Seems to fallback as None (no orientation update). Not used in NWN2 game files.
    • Target-to-source: ??, Seems to fallback as None (no orientation update). Not used in NWN2 game files.
  • BillboardOrientationVector: If OrientationType = User-defined explicit orientation and OrientationExplicitMode = None (no orientation update)

    • If Z < 1: used to set rotation around Z axis (pitch and roll don't seem to have any effects)
    • If Z ≈ 1: display the billboard horizontally
  • OrientPerpendicular: Only works if OrientationType is User-defined explicit orientation

    • Effects depend on both OrientationType and OrientationExplicitMode, does not always work.
    • If OrientationExplicitMode is None (no orientation update):
      • If BillboardOrientationVector Z < 1: Mirror left-right the billboard
      • If BillboardOrientationVector Z ≈ 1: display the billboard vertically
      If OrientationExplicitMode is Source object orientation: Rotate 90° around Z axis
    • Else: does nothing


  • DestinationBlend:
    • Both blends use inverse source alpha:
    • Constant blend factor:
    • Destination alpha:
    • Destination color:
    • Inverse destination alpha:
    • Inverse destination color:
    • Inverse source alpha:
    • Inverse source color:
    • Inverted constant blend factor:
    • min(source alpha, 1 - destination alpha):
    • Obsolete:
    • One:
    • Source alpha:
    • Source color:
    • Zero:
  • Same properties as DestinationBlend
  • Need more investigations: does not seem to do anything See Blending modes
  • SourceBlend: See Blending modes


  • StartColor: Default color / at the start of the interpolation, in A;R;G;B or R;G;B format.
  • EndColor: Color at the end of the interpolation, in A;R;G;B or R;G;B format.