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Comment: Add crash note about iprp_costtable.2da


ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
Name649Dialog.tlk string referenceA StringRef for the name of the item property type corresponding to this row, used in the toolset - so example would be 649: "Ability Bonus".
LabelAbilityTextA descriptive name identifying this row. This is for the reference of the human reader and is ignored by the game.
SubTypeResRefIPRP_ABILITIES2da ResRef or **** if not applicable

The name of the .2da file (without the extension) defining the possible subtypes of an item property corresponding to this row. Most of these will begin with "IPRP_", but a few other .2da files are sometimes used. (One example of a subtype is the particular ability for an item property that grants an ability bonus; these are selected in the Toolset before adding a property to an item.)

Cost1.2FloatThis value is to do with the cost calculations see Item Costs below.
CostTableResRef1**** if not applicable or index in iprp_costtable.2daAn index into iprp_costtable.2da, indicating which of the various cost tables is to be used with the "cost parameter" of item properties corresponding to this row. (Several of the cost tables define the amount of a bonus granted by an item property, but there are other possibilities.)
Param1ResRef9**** if not applicable or index in iprp_paramtable.2daAn index into iprp_paramtable.2da, indicating what meaning should be given to the "parameter 1 value" of item properties corresponding to this row. (This is often used for properties that effectively need two subtypes, such as a damage bonus versus an alignment, which needs both an alignment subtype and a damage type parameter.)
GameStrRef5476Dialog.tlk string referenceA StringRef for the name of the item property type corresponding to this row, as displayed in the game when an item is examined and in the toolset in the item properties chosen list. This includes following colon if needed, eg: "Enchantment Bonus: ". The final string is usually something like "Enchantment Bonus: Strength +3" with this part just being up until the ":", the rest uses the other 2da files to fill in.
Description1077Can be blank, butd dialog.tlk string referenceI can't honestly find where, if anywhere, this is used by the game or the toolset and many are blanked out.




Cost table provide the variable values, such as 20%, or +5, or -1 that then get an associated change to the items cost (up or down). For instance a +5 Enchantment is priced at a 4.9 multiplier. Sometimes these tables have additional parameter fields, such as for additional damage how many dice and how many sides those dice have.

Note: Empty lines in this file can cause a client crash. Ensure every line is fully filled in. If you need to remove an entry, fully delete it (do not simply use **** )

ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
NameIPRP_BONUSCOST2da ResRef or **** if not applicable

The ResRef of the .2da file (without the .2da extension) to be used to interpret the cost table values of item properties whose type references this row.

Note line 0, or IPRP_BASE1.2da is intentionally empty, meaning you get the property or not there is no "sub choices" involved. For instance "Darkvision" is just a singular property. This is also used for ones where it is a set list - eg; "Immunity: Death Spells" doesn't need a variable (Immunity: Death Spells +1 etc.)

Do not try and make sense of the names of these, it seems Bioware just reused them randomly and arbitarily so the names make little sense. See descriptions below.

LabelBonusTextA descriptive name for this row for the benefit of human readers. The game ignores the value of this column.

0 - Server only

1 - Clients can load

A one or zero indicating whether or not this row's cost table is one a client can safely load, rather than relying on the server to provide information.

It is likely to do with how Light and Melee cause VFX changes.

Since "Material" "Quality" and "Additional_Property" all set this to 0, any new custom properties should probably do the same.