Tilesets won't be necessarily facelifted, but their textures sure do need some work at least. Due to the fact that many tilesets share textures between them (and many Placeables) makes it a bit frustrating if you want things to match well after changing one thing. The main tileset (usually denoted by the first 3 letters of the texture name) will be the one listing the texture in detail.

Additionally there are many tiles with odd geometry and pathfinding issues to fix.

Each tileset will get a different subpage with information on the tiles and textures in it. For a list of all the games tilesets see Area Tilesets Information.

Tilesets won't get huge additions. Any new included ones will be of HD style quality.

Tileset List

Tileset Human NameTileset ReferenceNotesChanges and Authorship
City Exteriortcn01

Soren - Enhanced Override eventually but is incomplete, will be fixed up.



Mines and Cavernstdm01
Soren - PBR override textures

Castle Interiortic01

City Interiortin01

Beamdog - Halls of Justice revamp model and textures

Galefer - may do some remodelling

Maranduil - PBR override and some MDL fixes
Forest - Faceliftttf02Facelift is a separate tileset

Rural - Wintertts01

Rural Winter - Facelifttts02Facelift is a separate tileset
Maranduil - PBR override and some MDL fixes

Maranduil - PBR override and some MDL fixes
Beholder Cavestib01

Drow Interiortid01

Illithid Interiortii01

Frozen Wastestti01

Microsettms01Don't need to do this one - but it mainly reuses other tileset assets anyway

Sea Cavestdt01

Fort Interiortwc03

Barrows Interiortbw01

City Interior 2tni01

Castle Interior 2tni02

Castle Exterior, Ruraltno01This probably needs some fixes for the water - they animated (animesh) so the water shader won't work on it.

Lizardfolk Interiordag01

Medieval City 2tcm02This won't replace City 1:1 alas, thus separate
Medieval Rural 2trm02This won't replace Rural 1:1 alas, thus separate
Early Winter 2trs02

Sea Shipstss13

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