Overhaul is made by the community and will only use content which is self-made or edits to existing Bioware or Beamdog released content, with the consent of creators.

Since the core of the phenotype work is from Beamdog's HD Pack, the relevant team contributors there are available on the Beamdog HD Pack wiki page and copied here for posterity.

To join the team or just contribute things you've made see us on the Neverwinter Vault discord: https://neverwintervault.org/chat

Team Core Members

Team MemberRoleContributions

Design, scripting, 2da work, AI upscaling of textures, normals generation, some model fixes, compilation and build

HD Pack: Model compilation. Bug fixes for models, Horse generated phenotypes


These have provided content with permission to the project.

CervantesModeller/texturerModel skinmesh fixes for Six's Chromatic dragons
Bill HarperModeller/texturerNew content: HD weapons and additional thanks for sorting the base game Beamdog HD Pack originally at Beamdog.
SorenTexturerHD textures for tilesets, and additional thanks for contributing to base game shader code improvements and a variety of other improvements

New content: HD shields and variety of weapons

HD Pack: Bug fixes for models

ArakhorHelp with IconsConsistency fixes for icons and transparency based icons as a basis of Overhaul Icons
Maranduil (Maldrach on Discord)Texturer

PBR textures for tilesets.

Some permissions reserved (sources from textures.com) as noted on individual pages. These should be cleaned up over time.


Improvements for HD Heads and past HD Pack improvements to shadows, and fixes for Tattoo 1 affecting eye colours on heads.


Fixes for some models. Aribeth updated model. General help.

El GrilloTexturerSome fancymapped textures
CG_Ark / VictorixxxModeller / EditorNew Large shield
MervyShModellerNew placeable models

Content Used With Permission

Permission FromPermission Link / NotesContributions
Six / SixThrice


So, short version: you are absolutely welcome to do whatever you’d like with any of my NWN stuff moving forwards! It’s long past the point where I’ve felt the need to protect my early portfolio by making sure it always got credited and whatnot. Feel free to spread the word

Six's Chromatic Dragons (part of Project Q) (note were fixed and updated by the team for NWN:EE)

Special Thanks

Thanks to
nivAbove and beyond patching of the game and Neverwinter Vault administration and hosting
clippyAssistance with shaders, information on game workings, and many additional patched features in the game
LiarethAdding patched features such as spell targeting
DazAssistance with game engine knowledge and test samples of game script features, patching the game with a variety of features, and constant requests for AI releases
virusmanToolset improvements past and present
merricksdadHelp on shaders, improvements to processes and understanding of MTR, transparency, and other advanced NWN features
SymphonyAssistance with AI upscaling, video and texture work

HD Pack Only Contributors

HD pack was used as a basis for the phenotype models and several weapons, thank to these contributors.

Team MemberRoleContributions

Bug fixes for models

TxppleContributorVarious contributions

Bug fixes for models

vapidchapContributionNPCs not having good default eye colours (colour "1" on the PLT)
WolfContributionPLT issues on helmets

Potential Contributors

CalgacusWants to help with any overhaul of the base game SP modules - eg adding puzzles
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