Items are a huge amount of the game content, including:

  • Multi-part weapons/staffs etc. (top/middle/bottom)
    • Non-model multi-part items like boots, potions etc.
  • Semi-complex items like helmets (PLT colours)
  • Simple items like shields
  • Simple items like inventory icons only with no world model (although they could get a world model...)

Item Categories

The games default pallet will be used to categorise most of the items, into easy to find types.

  • Armor (Note: see Overhaul Phenotypes for parts-based armor)
    • Helmets
    • Shields
  • Creature Items
  • Miscellaneous
    • Miscellaneous 1x1
    • Miscellaneous 1x2
    • ...etc
    • Clothing
      • Belts
      • Boots
      • Bracers
      • Claoks
      • Gauntlet
    • Gems
    • Jewelry
      • Amulets
      • Rings
    • Kit (Traps, Healing)
    • Potions
    • Scrolls (although the icons may be more in the Spells section perhaps?)
  • Weapons
    • Ammunition
    • Axes
    • Bladed
    • Blunts
    • Double-Sided
    • Exotic
    • Mage-Specific
    • Polearms
    • Ranged Weapons
    • Throwing

Multi-Part Weapon Colours

Some colour ID ideas. Note that not all weapons had the entire blade/main weapon part change colour, which is a tad annoying to be honest - your longswords always looked silver in your hand but the icon was a cool awesome black or something!

The Bill's Colours are based on his HD work, however to add more actual coloured metals we could do this:

  • Duplicate (most) of the weapons (ie most melee ones) into degraded variants which have a lower dice roll and the degraded appearances

The coloured metals below shouldn't be too gaudy however; hot pink isn't really a decent take on the D&D world, think more tempered metal colours;

Colour Tint IDGame Default?Bill's ColoursNew colours if damaged items moved elsewhereNotes
0NoSimple Variant/User specified
Not sure if 0 works - need to fully test
1YesIron (Silver)Iron (Silver)
2YesGold (Yellow)Gold (Yellow)
3YesBronze (Brown)Bronze (Brown)


Adamantium (Black Silver)Adamantium (Black Silver)Added in HotU for most/all weapons
5NoDamaged IronBlackProper black, evil
6NoDamaged GoldBlueAs per picture above
7NoDamaged BronzeRedDuller red
8NoDamaged AdamntiumGrey (Dulled)
9NoSimple VariantTransparent - Ghostly/see throughUseful for magical weapons

Inventory Icons Note

While we'll be upscaling the vast majority of icons (and may redo or upscale the PLT ones) one issue is the different background colours and alpha uses on icons may cause problems with the AI upscaler. The vast majority of Bioware's are black, where alpha being enabled for a pixel won't mean it'll go a weird light or otherwise noticeable colour. However some later icons were not made black in the background potentially leading to oddities, and could be corrected by making the backgrounds black again before upscaling. These below actually are reasonably valid (use alpha for an effect essentially) but others are just oddly white or other odd colours.

Items List

This is a simplified list of what Overhaul has and has yet to improve and who is doing what.

Note all will get an AI uplifted icon, whether or not PLT.

IDlabelModelTypeItemClassTypeOverhaul Information

Main Weapons

0shortswordComposite (3 part)WSwSsMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
1longswordComposite (3 part)WSwLsMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements





Composite (3 part)WAxBtMain WeaponBill Harper
3bastardswordComposite (3 part)WSwBsMain WeaponBill Harper
4lightflailComposite (3 part)WBlFlMain WeaponUnassigned
5warhammerComposite (3 part)WBlHwMain WeaponUnassigned. Minor: Beamdog HD Pack has some gemstone texture improvements
6heavycrossbowComposite (3 part)WBwXhMain WeaponUnassigned
7lightcrossbowComposite (3 part)WBwXlMain WeaponUnassigned
8longbowComposite (3 part)WBwLnMain WeaponUnassigned
9lightmaceComposite (3 part)WBlMlMain WeaponUnassigned
10halberdComposite (3 part)WPlHbMain WeaponUnassigned
11shortbowComposite (3 part)WBwShMain WeaponUnassigned
12twobladedswordComposite (3 part)WDbSwMain WeaponUnassigned
13greatswordComposite (3 part)WSwGsMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
18greataxeComposite (3 part)WAxGrMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
22daggerComposite (3 part)WSwDgMain WeaponBill Harper
28clubComposite (3 part)WBlClMain WeaponUnassigned
32diremaceComposite (3 part)WDbMaMain WeaponUnassigned
33doubleaxeComposite (3 part)WDbAxMain WeaponUnassigned
35heavyflailComposite (3 part)WBlFhMain WeaponUnassigned
37lighthammerComposite (3 part)WBlHlMain WeaponUnassigned
38handaxeComposite (3 part)WAxHnMain WeaponUnassigned
40kamaComposite (3 part)WSpKaMain WeaponUnassigned
41katanaComposite (3 part)WSwKaMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
42kukriComposite (3 part)WSpKuMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
45magicstaffComposite (3 part)WMgStMain WeaponMiqail improved staffs:
47morningstarComposite (3 part)WBlMsMain WeaponUnassigned
50quarterstaffComposite (3 part)WDbQsMain WeaponUnassigned
51rapierComposite (3 part)WSwRpMain WeaponBeamdog HD Pack replacements
53scimitarComposite (3 part)WSwScMain WeaponBill Harper
55scytheComposite (3 part)WPlScMain WeaponUnassigned
58shortspearComposite (3 part)WPlSsMain WeaponMiqail
60sickleComposite (3 part)WSpScMain WeaponUnassigned
61slingSimple (convert to PLT)WBwSlMain WeaponUnassigned. Possibly upgrade with PLT.
92LanceComposite (3 part)WPlLcMain WeaponUnassigned (super low priority)
95tridentComposite (3 part)WPlTrMain WeaponUnassigned
111WhipComposite (3 part)WWhipMain WeaponUnassigned

Thrown Weapons

31dartSimple (convert to PLT)WThDtThrown WeaponUnassigned. Possibly upgrade with PLT.
59shurikenSimple (convert to PLT)WThShThrown WeaponUnassigned. Possibly upgrade with PLT.
63throwingaxeComposite (3 part)WThAxThrown WeaponUnassigned
81grenadeSimple (convert to PLT)it_x1_grenThrown Weapon (kinda)


Technically you can have a world model, but the projectile thing you throw is listed in spells.2da - big opportunity for improvement here by having actual grenade models


14smallshieldSimple (convert to PLT)AShSwShield

Miqails Small Shields:

Overhaul added PLT variants

56largeshieldSimple (convert to PLT)AShLwShield

Miqail's Large Shields

Overhaul added PLT variants

57towershieldSimple (convert to PLT)AShToShield

Beamdog HD Pack replacements for most

Overhaul added PLT variants

Special Equippable

15torchSimple (convert to PLT)it_torchSpecial EquippableUnassigned
93TrumpetSimple (convert to PLT)it_hornSpecial EquippableUnassigned (super low priority)
94MoonOnAStickSimple (convert to PLT)it_moonSpecial EquippableUnassigned (super low priority)


20arrowComposite (3 part)WAmArAmmoUnassigned
25boltComposite (3 part)WAmBoAmmoUnassigned
27bulletSimple (convert to PLT)WAmBuAmmoUnassigned

Armor, Helmet, Cloak

16armorArmorAArClArmorBeamdog HD Pack replacements. NB: AArCl is only used for blueprint names.
17helmetLayered PLThelmHelmetBeamdog HD Pack replacements
80cloakLayered PLTcloakCloakBeamdog HD Pack improved textures (models are the same)

Not Equippable

19amuletSimple (convert to PLT)it_neckUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
21beltSimple (convert to PLT)it_beltUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only





Simple (convert to PLT)it_smlmiscUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
26bootsComposite (3 part)it_bootsUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only







Simple (convert to PLT)it_midmiscUnequippable

Minor: Beamdog HD Pack has some gemstone texture improvements

Optional world models so icon improvements only

34misclargeSimple (convert to PLT)it_talmiscUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
36glovesSimple (convert to PLT)it_gloveUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
39healerskitSimple (convert to PLT)it_medkitUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
44magicrodComposite (3 part)WMgRdUnequippableWorld model not wielded so low priority







Composite (3 part)WMgWnUnequippableWorld model not wielded so low priority







Composite (3 part)it_potionUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
52ringSimple (convert to PLT)it_ringUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
62thievestoolsSimple (convert to PLT)it_picksUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
64trapkitSimple (convert to PLT)it_trapUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
65keyComposite (3 part)it_keyUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
66largeboxSimple (convert to PLT)it_bigboxUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
74bookSimple (convert to PLT)IT_BOOKUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only







Simple (convert to PLT)IT_SCROLLUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
76goldSimpleIT_GOLDUnequippableWeird one - has got a world model that could use improvement. Unassigned.

Optional world models so icon improvements only

Beamdog HD pack provided better gem textures

May leave just as simple, do gems need PLT?

78bracerSimple (convert to PLT)IT_BRACERUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
79miscthinSimple (convert to PLT)IT_THNMISCUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only
82EncampmentSimple (convert to PLT)it_encampUnequippableOptional world models so icon improvements only


69cslashweaponSimpleit_cr_slaCreatureNot seen by players no need to improve
70cpiercweaponSimpleit_cr_prcCreatureNot seen by players no need to improve
71cbludgweaponSimpleit_cr_bludCreatureNot seen by players no need to improve
72cslshprcweapSimpleit_cr_biteCreatureNot seen by players no need to improve
73creatureitemSimpleit_cr_itemCreatureNot seen by players no need to improve

PLT Items

See Overhaul PLT Items. Will include guidance on how we make existing item types able to be PLT textured (eg books or shields).

Inventory Icon Issues

There are some odd issues around inventory icons and the game loading the right one.

We want to usually provide high quality DDS icons - it is better for speed, efficiency etc. then TGA.

The game has both TGA and DDS icons.

If we include both TGA and DDS it only loads the TGA. This is wrong since DDS usually takes priority - and in fact does take priority over the BIF TGA file!

In the toolset, as always, it's weird again - all icons load TGA only. Thus why the base game has both DDS and TGA files of exactly the same dimensions.

It means we have to:

  • Include DDS only in any client-side or "final" hakpacks
  • Include a separate (properly scaled to toolset limits) TGA files as a pack to be seen properly there

PLT icons like for shields are even more weird:

  • In game:
    • PLT file is needed for each icon, regardless of use
    • DDS is used and overrides PLT
    • TGA is needed in the toolset, but only in the toolset. Including a TGA file in the files overrides the PLT files for real PLT using ones.
  • So you need to have:
    • DDS and PLT for DDS only icons
    • PLT only for PLT icons
    • TGA files included but ONLY for the toolset use

This is quite maddening. A fix would be:

  • Game: Inventory icons loading regardless of a DDS or TGA being present
  • Game: Properly prioritising DDS over TGA when needed, instead of loading the TGA in some cases
  • Game: Properly loading a TGA or DDS file even if a PLT file isn't there, if it's a PLT icon
  • Toolset properly recognising DDS files, if it can even load them...and resizing them to the icon sizes too.

New Items

Some notes about new items, will be a subpage;


Line 54 is "Divine Spell Scroll" which can be reasonably safely reused. The main benefit of it is the fact it has the "read scroll" animation assigned to it. Additionally it won't show a background icon for what spell is on the quickbar (behind the usual icon) nor will it allow you to quickbar more than the first castable property effectively making them single-spell items.

There is also the major issue that at 0 uses will just...disappear. Welp. This needs working around with the plot flag or otherwise even if it uses/day not charges/use or single use it will disappear.

It however doesn't seem to allow learning from, so it's not entirely equal to the usual scrolls, which is good!

Another minor quirk is the item appearance choice in the toolset isn't perfect, the bottom right icon portrait being weird, but that's probably because it's assuming 1x1 slot.

The spellbook will therefore be:

  • Book item appearance (2x2 slots) and similar stats (weight, cannot stack etc.)
  • Same properties as a scroll (allows a single spell item property but should be usually charges)
  • Single item property allowed
  • Same properties as books - which is basically scrolls + alignment, racial type and specific alignment restriction options, and base weight item reduction.

Why is this beneficial compared to scrolls? Not really sure yet. Need to think about it. Possibly great for thematic use/day items though (but they'd need to be plot or unlimited uses/day).

Alternatively make this another kind of scroll, a bigger beefier version which is 2x2 or something, for bigger and better special spells to be on that are not learnable. The single use ("disappear at 0 charges") nature won't matter as much then!

New Weapons

This would entirely depend on if someone made models. There's a chunk of potential weapons. Sadly no new shields, armor types or ranged weapons can be added.

Now though more Monk weapons and other things can be done regarding finesse and size of weapons.

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