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Not adding more effects as such but making use of EffectIcon and additional effects added to the game.

Effect Icons

Some effect icons that can be re-added to the game:

Icon NamePictureUsage


Use for Ultravision perhaps.


EffectMissChance which for some reason doesn't use it.

Other improvements to potentially make:

  • Add Damage Immunity Increase/Decrease for the various types
  • Add Immunity to X for the various types
  • Add in new icons for particular effects missing them; don't use
    •  or - eg; Bigby's hand
    • so you know you have an aura
    • which is applied to some (ghost) creatures
Effect if anyEffect NameIcon NamePictureNotes
Used for Bigby's Grasping Hand and Bigby's Crushing Hand


Held In Placeief_held

Not really used in NWN1, but NWN2 uses this for Solipsism which we might want to add. Is technically another kind of paralysis however.


Area of Effectief_aoe

Used in a variety of spells and abilities

We might want to make one for each instance of them, meaning we can more easily at a glance see what is applied.


Can actually be applied to players by Vampire Shifter form. Mainly used by NPC ghosts and cubes.

Acid Arrow

Bigby's Hand



Idea: Done for each kind perhaps?
Yes for some reason Knockdown hasn't got an icon!
Used for a more powerful version of confusion
EffectSpellLevelAbsorptionGlobe of Invulnerabilityief_globe
Used for various types of immunity


Summoned Creatureief_summon
Summon Creatures are technically effects applied to the caster
EffectSwarmSwarm of Summoned Creaturesief_swarm
As Summon Creature
EffectTurnResistanceDecreaseTurn Resistance Decreaseief_turninc

EffectTurnResistanceIncreaseTurn Resistance Increaseief_turndec
Only used by Mummy's Bolster Undead, but still worth adding. Sadly the item property version won't have it applied (unless maybe we code it into the AI).


Modified Attacksief_modifyattack

Can't tell if increased or decreased, not sure we should include it though is really only used for NPCs.

Maybe have a "Increased" and "Decreased" version instead.

Already got an icon for this one

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