Domains could use some changes;

  • New domains added
  • Existing domains refreshed/amended

Why after all this time? Mainly the opportunity with the additional new spells, feats and abilities that will be added. Characters will have to be generally rebuilt - or in the case of domains, there currently isn't any feats granted that lead to other feats, so it's a relatively benign change overall. Maybe a few spells will need redoing in spellbooks is all, and an active feat may change to a passive one (hopefully ELC won't mess it up, but a bit of GFF conversion could be done...!)

From NWN2 the idea might be to make some actual feats available via. the domain feat, like Uncanny Dodge or similar.

We'll detail some ideas below. Note that unless such functionality was added, limiting domains to specific classes or alignments or deities isn't easily doable.

Existing Domains

Thoughts on Turn XXX

These are powerful so any amendment is a fairly big nerf - in certain instances at least (mainly if such creatures populate the module).

It might however be actually pretty boring and multiple different domains have it as their "USP" with the spell selections for those ones tending towards practical but boring (eg Earth) completely naff (eg: Evil), middling (eg: Fire) or wtf (eg Poison in Water)

NWN2 made amendments to many of these to give basic feats out, which why not?

Thoughts on Spell Selection

Overhaul will add lots of new spells, and the expansion spells are not seen in domains, is it time for a refresh?

Or we could go ham have the full 9 spells for each domain but restrict one slot per level to be a single domain spell through scripting. This is kind of a blessing and a curse...some domains have frankly nowhere near 9 spells to grant and if those other "odd ones" were added would be never picked by players (they mainly do stuff like spying or RP stuff or whatever) additionally some domain spells probably mimic the same spell level as the cleric already gets, this might make things bug out a little.

Domain NameFeat/AbilitySpells (Level, Original Spellbook source/Cleric level)NWN2 Comparison3.0E / 3.5E ComparisonPotential Thoughts and Improvements
AirTurn Elementals

Call Lightning (3, Druid 3)

Chain Lightning (6, Wizard 6)

Feat: Changed from Turn Elementals to Uncanny Dodge

Power to turn Earth elementals and rebuke/control Air elementals

Chain Lightning is on the list but not Call Lightning.

Like most of the "Turn Elementals" it's meant to be an additional, targeted against the opposite elemental situation. Not sure if that's more fun or just harder to use (could be a new active feat).
AnimalImproved Summon Creature I - VIII

Cat's Grace (2, Wizard 2)

True Seeing (3, Cleric 5)

Polymorph Self (5, Wizard 4)

Feat: Changed from Improved Summons to Animal Companion

Ability is to cast animal friendship 1/day, Knowledge (nature) is class skill.

None of the spells are on the list, although Polymorph Self kind of fits as a replacement for Animal Shapes.

Can't really follow the NWN2 way since animal companion is tied to class lines not feats/abilities.

The NWN1 way of improving summons is nice but later summon creature spells summon elementals not animals so thematically is not great.

Spells could use a revamp (True Seeing? wtf?) - Hold Animal and Animal Shapes would be fun additions.

DeathNegative Plane Avatar

Phantasmal Killer (4, Wizard 4)

Enervation (5, Wizard 4)

Spells: Enervation swapped to Power Word: Kill (level 9)

Ability is to have a mini-death attack once per day (if you roll sufficient damage to outright kill). Bit wonky tbh.

Neither of the spells are on the list. Really surprised Slay Living isn't at least. Phantasmal Killer is also more illusion then death.

Probably could do with replacing the kinda useless summon with the mini-death attack, and have the spells swapped to something more thematic. Death Ward and the Animate/Create/Create Greater undead spells seem fair.
DestructionTurn Constructs

Stinking Cloud (3, Wizard 3)

Acid Fog (6, Wizard 6)

Feat: Changed from Turn Constructs to Smite Infidel (Divine Champion feat).

Spells: Stinking Cloud changed to Rage.

Ability is a smite similar to the Paladins.

The two spells are on neither spell lists.

Maybe replace the Turn Constructs (which is good, but bit boring) if so the Smite ability might be ok but will need a spell-script-feat which isn't great (replaces all attack animations then).

Spells should be replaced, no idea why it's two AOE spells which have no direct relation to Destruction.

EarthTurn Elementals

Stoneskin (4, Wizard 4)

Energy Buffer (5, Wizard 4)

Feat: Changed from Turn Elementals to Toughness

Spells: Energy Buffer changed to Energy Immunity (since Energy Buffer was removed, essentially replaced with Energy Immunity)

Ability is to turn Air elementals and control Earth elementals.

Spells - wow, Stoneskin is on the list! Energy Buffer (or anything similar) isn't though.

See Air about feat.

Spells are not the worst but Earthquake is a very obvious replacement to swap in.

EvilTurn Outsiders

Negative Energy Ray (1, Wizard 1/Cleric 2)

Negative Energy Burst (3, Wizard 3)

Enervation (5, Wizard 4)

Spells: NWN1 spells removed, and Evards Black Tentacles (4) and Weird (9) added in.

Ability is to cast Evil spells at +1 caster level

None of the spells are on the list.

Might as well be called the "Negative" domain, bit naff spell selection. NWN2 is a bit better.

Probably actually though with something like Unholy Blight (a spell only on this domain!) and Create Undead perhaps.

FireTurn Elementals

Wall of Fire (4, Wizard 4)

Energy Buffer (5, Wizard 4)

Feat: Changed from Turn Elementals to Fire resistance 5

Spells: Fireball added (3) Wall of Fire bumped to level 5, and Energy Buffer removed (also was removed from the game).

Ability is to turn Water elementals and control Fire elementals.

Wall of Fire is on the list but Energy Buffer isn't (Although Resist Elements is).

See Air about feat. NWN2s at least has some major utility.

Spells could use a bit of shuffling. Energy Buffer isn't needed. But not fireball! maybe Fire Shield but is that OP for what is typically a melee cleric?

GoodTurn Outsiders

Stoneskin (4, Wizard 4)

Lesser Planar Binding (5, Wizard 5)

Feat: Changed from Turn Outsiders to Aura of Courage (which is a bit improved in NWN2 - adds a bonus to saves vs. fear for nearby allies)

Spells: Removed Stoneskin and added Magic circle against alignment (2).

Ability is to cast Good spells at +1 caster level.

Like Evil neither of the spells are on the list.

Stoneskin is such an odd choice for this domain. Magic circle against alignment does make so much more sense.

Aid, Blade Barrier and Holy Word make more sense for spells too from the 3.0E list.

HealingEmpowered Healing

Cure Serious Wounds (2, Cleric 3)

Heal (5, Cleric 6)

No changes!Ability is to cast Heal spells at +1 caster level.

Empowered healing spells are pretty damn good.

TBH doesn't need changes, especially if Heal is toned own to 10/caster level up to 150HP.

KnowledgeMore Domain Spells

Identify (1, Wizard 1)

Knock (2, Wizard 2)

Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (3, Wizard 3)

True Seeing (4, Cleric 5)

Legend Lore (6, Wizard 6)

Spells: Legend Lore moved from level 6 to 5. Wowee...(hey at least it's a slight buff!)

Ability is to cast Divination spells at +1 caster level and all Knowledge skills become class skills.

Only identify and knock are not on the spell list.

Identify and Knock at least I guess have a fair amount of utility. True seeing one level early is...something I guess. Not sure what, but it sure is something (in SRD it's same level as the cleric can cast it, because it's otherwise pointless in NWN to have a domain spell at the same level you learn usually).

The SRD "Knowledge skills become class skills" would basically make Lore a class skill. It already is though haha.

Need some thinking about what to do here.

MagicMore Domain Spells

Mage Armor (1, Wizard 1)

Melf's Acid Arrow (2, Wizard 2)

Negative Energy Burst (3, Wizard 3)

Stoneskin (4, Wizard 4)

Ice storm (5, Wizard 4)

Spells: Negative Energy Burst changed to Assay resistance (3, Cleric 4). Removed Stoneskin and Ice Storm and added Greater Dispel Magic (5), Spell Mantle (6) and Blackstaff (8)

Use scrolls, wands, and other devices with spell completion or spell trigger activation as a wizard of one-half the character’s cleric level (at least 1st level). For the purpose of using a scroll or other magic device, if the character is also a wizard, actual wizard levels and these effective wizard levels stack. 

None of the spells are on the SRD list.

The 3E bonus is...difficult (allows magic item usage as if a wizard, we'd need to tag a load of new item properties onto things in these cases) but might be more interesting.

The spell list is boring as it is practical, excepting Negative Energy Burst which NWN2 swapped (Although for a spell the Cleric already gets?). NWN2 changes Stoneskin and Ice Storm for 3 new spells too potentially for the better (so many NWN1 domains get Stoneskin! and Ice Storm should be Water's domain)

PlantTurn Vermin

Barkskin (2, Druid 2)

Creeping Doom (7, Druid 7)

Feat: Changed from Turn Vermin to Woodland Stride, which in NWN2 adds 10% movement speed in certain areas. NWN1 applies a few spell immunities.

Spells: Removed Creeping Doom and added Entangle (1), Poison (3), Mass camouflage (4), Vine Mine (5)

Ability is to turn plant creatures.

Creeping Doom isn't on the list.

NWN2 is slightly more interesting spell-selection wise. Woodland Stride is probably slightly better in NWN1 because you could easily find movement increases that reached the cap. Or you just run faster than your allies in some areas.

The Turn Vermin makes little to no sense, and there is no plant racial type by default in NWN.

ProtectionDivine Protection (basically Sanctuary spell)

Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4)

Energy Buffer (5)

Spells: Swapped Energy Buffer with the NWN2 replacement Energy Immunity.

Ability is to provide a save bonus against the next saving throw done.

Energy Buffer isn't on the list but Protection from Elements is.

At least the feat has some kind of unique power (even if it's sanctuary: but buffed). On the plus side: No stoneskin!

TBH making the actual power a thing isn't the worst - you just remove the bonus once a spell has used that save bonus.

StrengthDivine Strength (basically a strong Bulls Strength with low duration)

Divine Power (3, Cleric 4)

Stoneskin (5, Wizard 4)

Spells: Swapped Stoneskin with Bulls Strength (1)

Ability is to provide 1 round of +cleric level strength.

Divine Power isn't on the spell list.

Stoonneeskiinn again! Weird one to have it too although the SRD has it too.

NWN2 made the odd choice of replacing it with just Bulls Strength, which replicates the clerics Divine Strength (although it's shorter lasting) although Divine Power is pretty damn powerful even more so at level 3...

Ability is fine, similar in theory to the SRD one.

SunExceptional Turning (Turning: more hit dice affected etc.)

Searing light (2, Cleric 3)

Sunbeam (7, Cleric 8)

No changes!

Ability is once per day do an enhanced Turn Undead that destroys things that would be turned.

Spells are on the list.

Practical but boring, Clerics already get these spells but the improved turning is pretty nice.

Ability is fine - although having a single "mega turning" might be ok, the NWN turn system is a bit weird...maybe if it's updated...

Spells are appropriate if boring.

TravelMore Domain Spells

Entangle (1, Druid 1)

Web (2, Wizard 2)

Freedom of Movement (3, Cleric 4)

Slow (4, Wizard 3)

Haste (5, Wizard 3)

Feat: Changed to Fast Movement (Barbarian feat, +10% movement)

Spells: Removed Entangle, Web, Slow.

Ability is to act as if Freedom of Movement, lasts up to the clerics level in rounds (and can be split up, so 2 rounds in one battle and 3 in another).

None of the spells are on the SRD list. Noting most are teleportation ones!

The "Haste Domain". At level 5 it's not super overpowered (Wizards get it at level 3) but still, Haste in NWN1 is OP.

NWN2 made some changes to remove...everything but Haste and Freedom of Movement, which is bold (although Haste is less powerful in NWN2).

The feat change is nice though, a nice practical effect! (albeit boring).

The spells for this domain could use a bit of work, but are not awful.


Divine Trickery (low duration bonus to hide, persuade, search, disable trap, move silently, open lock, and pick pocket checks equal to 1 per 2 cleric levels)

Invisibility (2, Wizard 2)

Invisibility Sphere (3, Wizard 3)

Improved Invisibility (5, Wizard 4)

Feat: Changed to Feint (doesn't exist in NWN1)

Spells: Grease (1), Invisibility (2) and Confusion (4).

Ability: Bluff, disguise and hide are class skills.

Invisibility is on the list, not the other 2.

NWN2's power and spells are perhaps more thematic, and also less boring. 3 kinds of invisibility spell. Zzzz.

The power is ok in NWN1 but ultimately a tiny once-per-day buff to do some utility stuff. Need to think about this one.

Spells need a revamp - potentials are Confusion, Polymorph Any Object perhaps.

WarBattle Mastery (low duration bonus to stats, attack bonus and some minor DR)

Cat's Grace (2, Wizard 2)

Aura of Vitality (7, Druid 7)

Feat: Changed to free Weapon Focus in the gods preferred weapon.

Spells: Flame Strike (4), Power Word, Stun (8)

Ability: Free Martial Weapon Proficiency (if necessary) and Weapon Focus with the deity’s favored weapon. 

Neither spell is on the SRD list.

NWN1 can't really do the NWN2 feat - bonus weapon focus - except if we just added it as a bonus feat in which case it won't count for feat requirements.

NWN2 essentially moved this to be the Fury domain, see below.

The NWN2 spells are at least more appropriate and SRD compatible, although Cat's Grace rounds out the Clerics buffs.

WaterTurn Elementals

Poison (3, Cleric 4)

Ice Storm (5, Wizard 4)

Feat: Changed to Evasion.

Spells: unaltered.

Ability is to turn fire elementals and control water ones.

Ice Storm is on the SRD list.

See Air about feat.

The spell Poison is just...what? NWN expansions adds more water based spells at least. Ice Storm is thematic (frozen water) and from the source book.

Potential spells: Obscuring MIst, Fog Cloud, even Acid Fog or Horrid Wilting.

New Domains

There's a lot of domains that could be added, both official and made up.

The NWN2 ones include the remaining SRD ones and other ones - possibly not the most interesting but still worth a think how they did them -

NWN2 Domains

Domain NameFeat/AbilitySpells3.0 / 3.5E ComparisonNotes
3.0 SRD

ChaosSlippery Mind

Color Spray (1)

Confusion (5)

Chaos spells are cast at +1 level

Neither of the spells are on the 3.0E or 3.5E list.

NWN1 would have Turn Outsiders.

Could use some better spell choices.

LawIron Will

Lionheart (1)

Hold Monster (5)

Mass Hold Person (7)

Law spells are cast at +1 level.

Only Hold Monster is on the SRD list.

NWN1 would have Turn Outsiders.

Spell choices are not awful.

LuckLuck of Heroes

Freedom of Movement (3)

Greater Spell Mantle (8)

Ability is can reroll one roll per day. Obviously not implementable in NWN.

Spells do match up to SRD.


ColdCold Resistance 5

Creeping Cold (2)

Hypothermia (3)

Polar Ray (9)

Thematic spells. If NWN1 it'd be "Turn elementals" or something I guess (although Water is the 3E one vs. Fire Domain)
DarknessBlind Fight

Blindness Deafness (2)

Shadow Conjuration (5)

Power Word Blind (7)

Ability is Blind Fight.

Only Shadow Conjuration stands out as not being on the list.

Could replace Shadow Conjuration by another spell, eg Armor of Darkness which is unique to the domain.
DreamImmunity to Sleep

Sleep (1)

Phantasmal Killer (4)

Hiss of Sleep (7)

FuryBattle Master

Enlarge Person (1)

Tensers Transformation (6)

Essentially NWN1's "War" domain power feat. In 3.5E it actually should be a targeted "You get bonuses versus this person" for a while.

Also different spells. So not going to reuse this one exactly!

TimeImproved Initiative

Haste (3)

Premonition (7)

The feat is true to D&D rules, a little less useful in NWN mind you
UndeathExtra Turning

Animate Dead (2)

Create Greater Undead (7)

Extra Turning is a nice bonus feat.

Other New Domains

From 3.0 Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting p62 onwards. Most of these seem sensible. Some are duplicated from the NWN2 ones above.

Domain NameFeat/AbilitySpellsNotes



























Different from "Magic" domain!







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