NWN2 lets you create your own visual effects by creating XML files:

  • PFX: Particle effect
  • IFX: Linear particle effect
  • LFX: Lightning effect
  • BFX: Beam / ray effect
  • BBX: Billboard effect
  • TFX: Trail effect
  • SEF: Special Effect File - a usable VFX that contains multiple effects

Those files are most easily edited using the Visual Effect Editor plugin from the toolset.

Known Issues / Bugs

  • Effects attached to body parts seem to ignore coordinate offsets in the editor, but they do work ingame.
  • Angles set in the effect editor will often be 180 degrees in the wrong direction ingame. This only occurs for some effect types.
  • Attached objects will play certain animations correctly in the editor, but will not perform them ingame (example: a skull object attached to an effect model).
  • The internal effect delay in the editor does not work. All effects fire the moment the .sef is played, regardless what delay you entered in the specified PFX/IFX/BFX/BBX (so forth) entry.
  • Maximum effect duration does work, but cannot be delayed.
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