weathertypes.2da added in NWN:EE allows custom Weather to be added in the Area Lighting.

The main still hardcoded limitation is that the Lightning % Chance cannot be altered, and must be set in the area properties. It might be worth, if adding custom weather, to remove the ModelLightning for snow so you can have snow without huge thunder and lightning if you want to retain it for rain.

2da Columns

Column NamesExampleValid ValuesDescription and Notes

A human readable label unused by the game



MDL file name

Model to load that follows the player around

AnimationrainAnimation name in MDLAnimation to play in the vfx for the weather
ModelLightningfx_lightning01MDL file nameThe model used when the Lightning % chance was
FadeTime6000IntegerThe amount of time in milliseconds it takes to fade the weather out (where the intensity of the rain/snow ramps up to 100, or down to 0). 6000 would be 6 seconds.

2da Contents

2DA V2.0

     Label          Model        Animation        ModelLightning          FadeTime
0    Clear          ****         ****             ****                    ****
1    Rain           fx_rain      rain             fx_lightning01          6000
2    Snow           fx_snow      snow             fx_lightning01          6000
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