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This 2da file gives the game the resource references for scripts to run when under effect of particular statuses.

These either are additional (eg; being Confused) to the regular AI scripts (ie both heartbeat scripts run) or supplant the AI entirely (eg; domination).

Hardcoded Notes

The effects here are internally run values - you cannot define new ones (there is no "EffectCustomState") and cannot move them around, so "Confused" will always be ID 2.

This number can be seen using GetEffectInteger since the 0 index value is set to this "state", eg EffectConfused() creates one which has the ID of GetEffectInteger(EffectConfused(), 0) set to 2.

It's a little moot for the most part since GetEffectType seems to identify most if not all of the complex state types properly anyway.

A list of effects and their identifiers:

Script Effect Creator

GetEffectInteger(eEffect, 0)

statescripts.2da line ID

EffectTurned4By default Bioware used the same script for this and Fear (nw_g0_fear) thus they do the same thing.
EffectDazed5Dazed will not trigger it's script. This can be considered a bug. Creatures still retain some control so this shouldn't be a big issue.




What script is used depends on the creature applying the effect.

While it should runs script in line 7 when the creature doing the dominating is a NPC it will not - but will set the creature to uncommandable. NPC on NPC also do not add associates properly.

Replaces all the scripts of a target line 10 - 22 if the creature dominating is a PC and the target is an NPC.

Need to test PC vs PC and NPC vs NPC more fully.

EffectParalyze8"Held" script is Paralysis.

2da Contents

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2DA V2.0                                              
           STATENAME                 SCRIPTNAME       
0          Normal                    ****             
1          Charmed                   nw_g0_charm      
2          Confused                  NW_G0_confuse    
3          Frightened                NW_G0_fear       
4          Turned                    NW_G0_fear       
5          Dazed                     x2_sig_state     
6          Stunned                   x2_sig_state     
7          NPCDominate               NW_G0_dominate   
8          Held                      x2_sig_state     
9          Sleep                     NW_G0_sleep      
10         PCDominateHeartbeat       NW_CH_AC1        
11         PCDominatePerceived       NW_CH_AC2        
12         PCDominateSpellCast       NW_CH_ACB        
13         PCDominateAttacked        NW_CH_AC5        
14         PCDominateDamaged         NW_CH_AC6        
15         PCDominateDisturbed       NW_CH_AC8        
16         PCDominateEndCombatRnd    NW_CH_AC3        
17         PCDominateDialogue        NW_CH_AC4        
18         PCDominateOnSpawnIn       NW_CH_AC9        
19         PCDominateRested          NW_CH_ACA        
20         PCDominateDeath           NW_CH_AC7        
21         PCDominateUserDefine      NW_CH_ACD        
22         PCDominateBlocked         NW_CH_ACE        
23         DMPossessedHeartbeat      ****             
24         DMPossessedPerceived      ****             
25         DMPossessedSpellCast      ****             
26         DMPossessedAttacked       ****             
27         DMPossessedDamaged        ****             
28         DMPossessedDisturbed      ****             
29         DMPossessedEndCombatRnd   ****             
30         DMPossessedDialogue       ****             
31         DMPossessedOnSpawnIn      ****             
32         DMPossessedRested         ****             
33         DMPossessedDeath          ****             
34         DMPossessedUserDefine     ****             
35         DMPossessedBlocked        ****             

2da Columns

Column LabelExampleValid ValuesDescription and Notes
ID (Blank)00-35

These are hardcoded lines and you cannot move or add more.

0 appears to be unused by the game.

STATENAMECharmedHuman readable nameEssentially label of the state
SCRIPTNAMEnw_g0_charmResref of script

For lines 0 to 9: Script that runs every 6 seconds except Dazed (line 5) which will never fire.

For lines 10 to 35: Domination and DM possession scripts will override the usual creature scripts, obviously when dominated or when DM possessed.

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