This will allow visual effects to be added to the game for weapons - the item property overrides automatic "damage" based ones.

Default Damage Visuals

You get visuals with additional damage on weapons by default.

See the iprp_damagecost.2da for the "VFX" column - this sets a visual effect on certain amounts of damage, but since damage types are hardcoded you can't say have a sword with a nice pink VFX for fire damage, you'd instead code the VFX here and add this item property to it.

You could also disable all the default VFX by setting it to 0 for each entry, and rely on this for distinguishing / cool visuals.

New Weapon Visuals - 1.80.8193.9

NWN:EE added the ability to add further options in this 2da file. For instance you could add "Pink_Coolness" which has the ModelSuffix of "pink" meaning for a shortsword wswss_fxpink.mdl would be loaded.

For most weapons (see below for exceptions) the game will load a visual effect in the name of;


  • XXXXX - The weapon shorthand name, as in baseitems.2da "ItemClass" column, example: "WSwSs" for "Shortsword"
  • _fx - always present
  • YYYYYYYY - Bioware's default ones (acid/elect/fire/etc.) or your own name. You can use up to 8 characters due to the 16 max total.

Not all weapons (or ammo since ammo can have this too) have all types, for instance Arrows don't bother with Holy or Negative models. Thrown weapons don't apply weapon VFX.

Existing files (that you can convert to ASCII to recode) for the Shortsword are:

  • wswss_fxacid.mdl
  • wswss_fxelect.mdl
  • wswss_fxfire.mdl
  • wswss_fxfrost.mdl
  • wswss_fxholy.mdl
  • wswss_fxneg.mdl
  • wswss_fxsonic.mdl

These models are loaded essentially overlapping the current weapon as any other item part can.

The exceptions to this are these items which have hardcoded exceptions where the VFX model above, for instance wblfl_fxholy.mdl (loaded for "Holy" for the Light Flail), are attached to a specific part instead.

Weapon NameNode attachedPart attached to
Light Flailfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Heavy Flailfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Morningstarfx_nodePart 3 (Top)
Whipfx_nodePart 2 (Middle)

2da Columns

ColumnExample ContentsValid ValuesDescription and Notes
LabelAcidHuman readable stringBuilder reference, not used by the game
Name83393Dialog.tlk string referenceName of the item property for toolset use
ModelSuffixacidText string

The YYYYY suffix of the model to use.

Note a blank entry would make a good "None" to override any other VFX on the weapon (hardcoded ones such as vs. good).

2da Contents

2DA V2.0

           Label            Name     ModelSuffix 
0          Acid             83393    acid        
1          Cold             83394    frost       
2          Electrical       83395    elect       
3          Fire             83396    fire        
4          Sonic            83397    sonic       
5          Holy             83398    holy        
6          Evil             83399    neg    
  • No labels