This 2da is used for negative values. It has 5 penalty values thus "iprp_neg5cost" while "iprp_neg10cost" has many more values (up to -50) but may have started with only 10 values. Both contain the same Cost and Value entries.


This is used for:

  • Enchantment Penalty (attack and damage)
  • Damage Penalty
  • Decreased AC
  • Reduced Saving Throws
  • Attack Penalty

Additional Values

Since negatives are not capped the same way as positives it's a bit odd how this isn't extended to at least -20. It's unknown what the actual negative "maximums" are.

TLK Value Notes

The TLK values are simply numbers - so TLK entry 5138 is "-2" for instance. To extend further you can find the other numbers by using the values from iprp_neg10cost.2da which go up to number -50, to not have to use custom TLK entries (111732 is "-11" for instance).

2da Columns

Column LabelExample

Valid Values

Description and Notes
Name5138Dialog.tlk string reference

The TLK entries simply state the number - eg; 5138 is "-2".

LabelPenalty_-1Human readable stringUnused by the game
Value-1IntegerValue of the modifier, eg; -5 would reduce the item by 5
Cost1IntegerSee parent page on how costs are calculated

2da Contents

2DA V2.0

       Name       Label              Value       Cost
0      ****       Random             0           0
1      5137       Penalty_-1        -1           1             
2      5138       Penalty_-2        -2           2     
3      5139       Penalty_-3        -3           3     
4      5140       Penalty_-4        -4           4     
5      5141       Penalty_-5        -5           5     

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